Our homie Ben from Akwaaba music sent this to me a couple of weeks back, so man apologies for the delay in getting it up.

Here’s what he says:

You may remember Killamu’s remix of Tiramakossa on our Akwaaba Sem Transporte kuduro compilation. His full album A Minha Face comes out very soon, starting with an iTunes exclusive January 12, 2010. We couldn’t resist to give you a free preview of one of his bangin’ kuduro beats. It was hard to pick one, the album features a handful of instrumental kuduro beats, as well as “regular” songs with some of Luanda’s finest lyricists. And even a couple kizomba tracks!

We look forward to unveiling the entire album, but in the meantime, we hope you dig Flaminguinho, a nice ingredient to blend into your mixes, o DJ friends. Blast it, pass it, slice it, dice it, and if you have a mix send it over, we can feature it here in our podcast. Feedback is always appreciated as well!

Killamu: 10 years of kuduro in Angola from Akwaaba Music on Vimeo.

Akwaaba meets Killamu in front of his home and studio in Luanda, Angola. Killamu’s been making kuduro beats for close to a decade, and explains the stories and realities of kuduro in Angola today. We highly recommend you watch the video in HD on Vimeo!


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