LA SUPER CUMBIA FUTURISTA is essentially a Mexican phenomenon with some Argentine influence and of course shades of Colombian!!!!!

Bands like Afrodita, Sonido Desconcido, Sonido Changorama and others are leading this nu cumbia phenomenon.  What distinguishes it from the Argentine Digital Cumbia phenomenon is a little quirkyness combined with a pop sensibility akin to the B52’s and others of that ilk.  It is less dependant upon hip hop and cumbia villera.

So here’s a little mix I dropped yesterday, Christmas Eve, which takes in some of the Mexican influence of Afrodita and Sonido Changorama but also combines it with some of the Argentine stuff like Doma Tornados, El Remelon and Binary Cumbia Orchestra together with a really more commercial pop cumbia sound courtesy of remixes of tracks by D3NrdRon and Amari!!!!  It also includes a cut or 2 by the Emayocutz guys.

It also comprises almost exclusively of bands that I’ve covered here on this blog over the past year, especially those that we were the first to introduce to the blogosphere world and so this is my thank you to them!!!!

I hope you enjoy it.

You known the drill, improvised, 1st take/1 cut on Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 MK II & 600 Mixer!!!

Be warned the NEXT post might just give you the fright of your life!!!!!

La Super Cumbia Futurista by djumb

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1. Confort – Sonido Desconcido
2. ? – Sonido Changorama
3. Rede RmX – Doma Tornados
4. Los Mirlos – Joel & Rebenga RmX -Emayocutz
5. Bayuncundas – Mnolo
6. Minimal (El Remelon RmX) – Matias Aguayo
7. El Ordon Del Universo (Historia Cosmica RmX) – d3NdRON
8. Your Kisses ( Go Canny Remix) – Amari
9. My Girls ( El Remelon RmX) – Animal Collective
10. Gigante – Binary Cumbia Orchestra
11. ? – Alfredo Guiterrez
12. La Inconfortable – Binary Cumbia Orchestra
13. 15 Cumbia – ?
14. La Cumbia Pasoncito – Afrodita
15. Afrodia v G-Flux
16. Comvee – Binary Cumbia Orchestra
17. Modelito – (Kraftwerk Model Cover) – Afrodita


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