Remix por no Llorar

Something new from the Cabeza blog, it’s all in Spanish and so I don’t understand a word but managed to make some stuff out via the online translator:

Raise this tribute to Mamanis Association, cult band in the new cumbia Argentina, the version, Cantand by Rodrigo, the Ode to Cucumelo sold millions (!) Discs, it was a letter / pamphlet on the cultivation of the hallucinogenic mushroom Psilocybe cubensis Cucumelo known in Argentina.

In late 2007 Luisao and Kerman are meeting in Buenos Aires, both had been part of Agrupacion Mamanis order during the last century, Luisao as Bass Player and Kerman from visual and operative combo.

From that day to several friends gathered electropical sound for this production, Fauna, ELCHAVEZ, Le Freak Selector, The Remolón, Manusound (FR), Empire Diablo Dam Project, Phils (DU), Egg (Aztec Tupro) iszen, DJ Kox Tortuga, Luisao feat. Princesa, Mäuss

One disc for collectors to come to light after two years, an expected and deserved homage.


1. mira (hongo x hongo) fauna
2. himno al cucumelo
3. punta de gente
le freak selector
4. salchicha chica
el remolón
5. himno al cucumelo
6. correo interno
imperio diablo
7. ven, ven
proyecto dam
8. tia maria
cherman (feat. huevo + philsen)
9. palo borracho (palo choborra mix)
10. himno al cucumelo (galaktic kuku dancer mix)
dj kox tortuga
11. himno al cucumelo (luisao edit)
lucas luisao (feat. princesa)
12. cucu me los
mauss y la sonora 8 bits

Una co-producción Cabeza! Netlabel / Newton Las Pelotas!
Producción Ejecutiva:
Germán de Souza, Lucas Luisao
Coreographix | Antidoto28 studio Mastering: Le Freak Selector |


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