Our good mate, Joel from the BRILLIANT Emayo Cutz blog sent us this great cut a little while back and we’re very pleased to be the first in the world to post it.

Here’s what he said:

Just finished a Cumbia style remix of Busy’s Blaze up di herbs, it’s made for the Emayo Cutz project.  We have a Vinyl release coming up early in 2010! This remix will not feature on that release!!!!!

Grab it cause it’s wikkid and if the project sounds anything like this cut then we’re all in for an almighty treat in 2010!!!!

Busy Signal – Blaze up di herbs (Joelito Remix) by Joelito

And here’s another, a CLASSIC, which I stuck on my recent La Super Cumbia Futurista Mix!!!

Joelito & Rebenga – Lamento en el norte by Joelito


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