“Drop The Other,” the first e.p. from Emika – and already one of the year’s most auspicious debuts. Even before release, Emika’s already received airplay from tastemaking DJs like Zane Lowe + Mary Anne Hobbs. Listening to “Drop The Other”’s title track and its equally strong b-side “Double Edge,” it’s clear why. Eerie, near-classical piano collides into glitched-out edits and skittering drum patterns, while speaker-shattering lows rub against Emika’s own hushed, cryptic vocals, the iconoclastic blend marking her an artist that makes a habit of defying expectation. Just when you think you know what you’re hearing, Emika flips the script: the cinematic sound architecture evokes the deepest techno, but the tempo moves too slow, the beats too jagged; the sub-bass, meanwhile, could shudder the most underground dubstep club, but it’s paired with haunting, syncopated vocal hooks that suggest Aaliyah’s work with Timbaland taken to its darkest extreme.

download it

and a dubstep version!!

Emika‘s Ninja Tune debut EP ‘Drop The Other’ is released on 18th January.

more info, like the one i posted here, can be found on her myspace or in ninja tunes

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