Soundamerica is back again with ten songs from Pachamama`s heart!

From Chile: the legendary Fiat 600 and the explosives Picnic Kibum ;

From Argentina: Doña Maria remixed by Chancha Via Circuito and Sonidero Cordobestia (alter-ego of Frikstailers);

From Peru: the rootsy feel of Novalima ;

From Colombia: the sweetness of Lulacruza remixed by Pernett ;

From Mexico: the frantic rhythm of Maria y José;

From Panamá: Los Rakas featuring Galeano;

From Venezuela: Cardopusher spitting high quality dubstep;

From Brazil: the talented Edu K with his Pollo Loco!

As always…play it loud & enjoy!


Soundamerica vol.8

1.El cruce de los tambores_ Fiat 600
2.Ya me voy_ Doña Maria (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
3.Candela_ Novalima
4.Soloina_ Lulacruza (Pernett remix)
5.Yo me llamo cumbia_ Sonidero Cordobestia
6.Ola de calor_ Maria y José
7.Besos not Bombs_ Picnic Kibum
8.Centroamerica_ Los Rakas feat. Galeano
9.Homeless_ Cardopusher
10.Pollo Loco_ Edu K

Selected, mixed and produced by Hipi Duki at Blackwhale Studio, Montjuic_Bcn
Artwork by G.Piacenza

Presented & released by

Creative Commons License_
December, 2009.


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