Some really interesting shit being developed here by 13th Tribe.

Sounds a little raw and unfinished but nevertheless interesting, first track here in particular is freshhhh!!!.


ZaZa B featuring Jazzo and Keishal by The 13th Tribe

Abstract pish-Live Bass kinda dubby in parts with mentalist Vox courtesy of Cameroon’s Jazzo and Keishal from Bekina Faso.Keishal has an album coming out on Morodo’s Label. Folk from SPain will know who Morodo is (for yooz who dinnae ken hes Spain’s numero uno Reggae/Ragga bod) Im sure Keishal also said he has worked wi Foreign Beggars too, he’s a busy wee guy and a good laugh.I was his Dj for a gig in Barcelona and he fell over a monitor cos he was off his chomp and instead of picking himself up an making an even bigger tit of himself he simply lay on the stage an finished his rap-classy.

Jazzo’s delivery is in French and Keishal’s is in Spanish.As aforementioned I gigged with Keishal on a tour – Barcelona and Madrid – when we were on route to the gig we got stopped 3 times by the Polis – cunts.His vocal is about corrupt and racist Spanish Police-proper orrible racist fash scum that they are.

The 13th Tribe feat Juan Bencomo-Voy Ya by The 13th Tribe

1.22 min skit featuring Cuban drum-maker Juan Bencomo.RasGus of VOCA headed out to Cuba an recorded Juan and some of his friends,this is a little snippet of whats in the post.Juan’s father is a famed maker of Afro Cuban drums and percussion in Havana.Bass again laid down the majestic Freddy Bolivar.Bts by 13t.

The 13th Tribe – Heavy Duty (Gun Debate) by The 13th Tribe

More Golden Age from Miami’s Real Life.This time engaging the theme of gun ownership.

The 13th Tribe & Dj MunChi featuring Sara Taxe Rodriguez -Adios Embicilo bb 09 mix by The 13th Tribe

Very delctable chilled Playground Spanglish rap with a little French thrown in for good measure by the talented enchantress Taxe Rodriguez from Valencia.This track was another of The 13th Tribe’s to be shortlisted on the legendary Carbon Logic comp the month Ninja Tunes Zilla won it.Beat programming this time is a joint effort alongside Valencian DJ Mun Chi (Spin,Beluga) The beats are heavy,dubby and atmos[heric just the way we like em….

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