Songoro Cosongo

Founded in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, the band is made up of musicians from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile and thus what they play is a mixture of Brazilian music, Latin rythms, Reggae and Jazz.

listen to some SANCOCHO (jazz, bossa-cumbia)

a sweet track merengue.. sorta bullerengue that reminds me to la mojarra electrica‘s bandeja con pollo

download the album here

And the amazing Mojarra Electrica!!

This band creates a new sound taking traditional afrocolombian music (Bullerenge, currulao, cumbia) as ground zero, mixingit with Soukus, Ragga, Reggae Timba cubana, Funk and Jazz. Their music is the A-BOMB and the coolest part is these guys have never lost the critical direction of their lyrics.

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