Although the title sounds a bit dramatic, it wasnt meant to be 🙂 just wanted to share some words on the last year and look into tha future like steve miller…

2009 was a great year for me and for GENERATION BASS. I made a lot of new friends from all over the globe with this blog, but also a few VERY special ones! First off, I tip my hat to the relentless energy and music addiction that is DJ UMB!!!! AMAR, you’ve been more than a co-writer on the blog, pushing it forward with your love of music and sheer energy mate! Since some time now, YOU have been the driving force behind the blog, while i’ve been busy travelling, dj-ing and basicly taking it slow(er), you have continued the posts, kept everybody on their toes and initiated new ideas and thought for GB. Total respect and love my friend!

Also a word has to go out to the equally amazing CABALLO, our latest blogger and the ever present HIPI DUKI. C has been super active and really pushing the limits with his excellent posts on all sorts of cool music and HIPI keeps coming up with these great comps… man…. A SUPER BIG THANKS & HUG!

And there are more peeps doing their thang… the great ZUZUKA and STICKY K, that have done great posts and helped out taking the blog to new levels and our guest contributors like FREDERIC GALLIANO and DAVE QUAM. Also a word o thanks to our techy behind the scenes… ERIK! Thank you all guys, without you we wouldnt be where we are today!

Where is that? you might ask? well… NEARING 500.000 VISITORS!!!!! In little over a year, this blog has turned into a beacon for all who love their bass music with a twist and who love the sounds of CUMBIA, KUDURO and all that other great NU WHIRLED MUSIC! Massive respect to YOU the readers of the BLOG, for keeping us on our toes and keep visiting this place in the great wide web to hang out and check out new music with us….

We will try to continue onwards and upwards with as many exclusives as possible, more indepth look at different musical scenes and producers and will also step up the interview game a notch! We will be GENERATION BASS in 2010 and want to aim for that magical number. There will be ANOTHER MAIN GB live EVENT in 2010, and we will continue to represent at parties worldwide with our love for good, new music. I hope you will be there with us!

T*H*A*N*K* Y*O*U* A*L*L*!!!!

may 2010 be a good year for you and those you love,

see ya in 2010!

-vince / generation bass

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