Subswara from Brooklyn, forges a sound that takes its cues as much from dub, ragga and dancehall as it does from electronica. Finding like-minded souls in Haj (producer and DJ) and Sunder Srinivasan (turntablist and DJ), both residents of New York’s tribal-breaks bastion Freek Factory, Sub Swara – swara is Indian classical music speak for the seven basic notes – was born. Trinidadian native John Lashley, better known as Dub War‘s MC Juakali, and Sharmaji (Dave Sharma – producer, percussionist and DJ) rounded out the bill perfectly.

Killa Sound Boy Remix by Sub Swara
now guys!!! check this tracklist!!!

1. Complex Players Dub (Sub Swara Remix) – Mochipet
2. Red Lipstick (Sub Swara Remix) – Skint & Demoralised
3. Everything Up (Joker & Ginz Remix) – Zero 7
4. Space Boots (Slugabed remix) – BD1982
5. Koli Stance (David Starfire Remix) – Sub Swara
6. Cobra (Sub Swara Remix) – David Starfire
7. Wanna be Dancin’ (Sub Swara Remix) – The Glass
8. Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix) – B. Rich
9. The Unseen – Mimosa
10. Glitterstep (Sub Swara Remix) – Shiva Soundsystem

and download it!!
Sub Swara Podcast 006 (Dhruva Presents) by Sub Swara

Glitterstep (Sub Swara Remix) by Sub Swara
Each brings his own inimitable cultural and musical identity and influence on the path to a common objective – destroying any preconception of what urban dance music should sound like in 2008 only to resurrect it in a low frequency style all their own.

Morley’s Traffic jam got remixed
Traffic Jam (Sub Swara refix) by Sub Swara
….So good things often come through in pairs, and in this case, a remix for Mochipet. The track is out as a pre-release exclusive on Addictech and is part of a slew of remixes by great producers like Kraddy, Restiform Bodies, iLL.Gates and more. You can listen to the remix here

All the samba drums are live and rocked out by Sharmaji straight out of the Crown Heights studio. Subswara saw a few sick batucada videos on youtube and decided that had to weave that element into one of their productions so there you have it! The release will go worldwide on all digital retail outlets in February.

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