Happy New Year!!!

Ok, this is my (DJ UMB’s) list of favourite DJ MIXES during 2009.

You know I think I’ve said this before but I just don’t listen to that many DJ Mixes but the ones that do catch my ear, I’ll listen to a lot.

I’ve based this list purely on 1 FACT, what did I find myself going back to listen to, time and time again, in 2009?

That is in my opinion, the best way to judge what what interested ME most in 2009!!!

So these are the mixes that I’ve played again, again and again!!!!

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER but I had to number them so you know which one you’ve already looked at 😉

1. BANDISH PROJEKT – CONCORDIA a.k.a Bobby Friction BBC Asian Network mix:

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I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the world to hear this, even before it’s BBC airing,  and man it blew me away.

After Buddha Bar 1 by Claude Challe, this is my favourite mix not only of this year but of all time.

It’s an emotional journey full of BEAUTY, MELANCHOLY, JOY and POSITIVE HOPE.

The way that Mayur weaves his magic in between tracks and mashes them up to create something completely new is incredible, it’s like a SYMPHONY!!

No other mix sounds like this and that is why it is so special and it is also TECHNICALLY PERFECT.

Concordia is a name that I’ve given to it because it is not Mayur’s Mount Everest, that is yet to come!!!!!

Go back HERE to read what I wrote about it earlier this year.


Alta joya love selecter by Alta Joya

1. Massive Music – Find my Way ( Kode 9 remix )
2. Fat Freddy’s Dropp – Cay’s Crays ( Digital Mystiks Remix )
3. Von D feat. Phe Phe – Show Me
4. Mala – Miracles w/That Girl Acapella
5. L-Wiz – Girl from Codeine City w/That Girl Acapella
6. Dj Semi – Love Ya
7. Amadou et Mariam – Sabali ( Uproot Andy Remix )
8. Zomby – Float
9. D1 – Give it Back
10. Damas Gratis feat. Romina Lescano – Que Bello ( live )
11. Richie Spice & Alison Hinds – King and Queen
12. Saian Supa Crew – Soldat 2
13. Alex Pasternak – Pajariton
14. Ghislain Poirier – La Ronde
15. Moderat – A New Error

Here’s my second most played mix in 2009 and I must admit when DJ Alta Joya of Cooliado sent it to me saying that I was the big inspiration behind it (..lol….), I was stoked and felt very honoured.

However, I was not expecting much from it other than thinking it was going to be an ok mix like some of her other mixes.

No, don’t get me wrong, I think this girl has EXCEPTIONAL taste, but often, albeit the tracks on her mixes are great, the flow has not always been my cuppa.

But on this one she got it 100% RIGHT……

I did not listen to it or stick it up here because she said I inspired it.  Seriously, I didn’t.   I stuck it up because it deserves to be here because I played the shit out of it.

What I love about this mix, is that I can feel her pain, a sense of melancholy, unrequited love, a longing and a sadness.  But also I can hear her hope and wishes for a positive future.

Vic is always full of enthusiasm and is hardly ever negative and man she’s got BALLS!!!

High points for me include when “and how” the Amamdou & Mariam track kicks in, just pure bliss man.   Also when the LIVE Damas Gratis track unexpectedly kicks in, you feel as though you are in the audience singing along and can feel the sheer energy of that live performance.

Yes there are flaws but they’re beautiful and delicate flaws, which you hardly notice because the music is so gorgeous.

Believe me when I say it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


FLeCK-Pesky Plates. by PeskyPlates

This guy, FLECK, is going to be doing some amazing DUBSTEP stuff in 2010, he’s going to be one of the ones to watch, I think.

This mix is just brilliant to listen to and that’s what I love about mixes, their listen-ability.

Ok, it’s all good doing great club mixes but they’re not really the ones I go back to time and time again cause half of the time the “listen-ability” factor has gone and unless you’re in a club, the mix ain’t saying anything unless its taking you on some kind of journey.

This is made up of all of his own compositions and man I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the tracks I don’t have 🙂


This, because I just love the percussion that permeates throughout the mix.  Yes, it does sound all a bit samey but man the groove is hypnotic and I always feel like getting up to dance to this even though I’m a shit dancer…lol..

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Tribalismo Tropical (Download or listen):

01. Danza Azteca
02. La Culebrita
03. DJ Retro – Babaninko
04. Chango
05. El Ballo
06. DJ Retro – Guarachosa
07. El Ritmo De La Petaka Tribal
08. DJ Gato – Topota Madre
09. Danza
10. Damas Gratis – Se Te Ve La Tanga
11. A Ritmo De Los Manos
12. Cumbia Tribal
13. Vamos A Bailar
14. Vive La Fiesta
15. Prehispanik
16. DJ Sobrino – Automation
17. Oaxaqueño


This mix because:

1. It probably paved the way for the “re-emergence” of the whole Tropical House movement in 2009.

2. It’s inventive and technically perfect.

3. Flow is cool and selection of tracks, delicious.

“Re-emeregnce”- He did not invent it, it was an extension of the Global Tech House grooves already here but sadly overlooked but to his credit, he helped to open up people’s eyes to it and make it HYPER-HIP!!

Solo did big things in 2009 but is he a 1 trick pony? We’ll find out this year, I don’t think he is but the proof is in the pudding!

Whatever…… this mix is great and one of a very few club mixes that I’m always happy to play again and again.

Intro – The Godfather Theme
Cypress Hill – Hits from the Bong
Mfdoom & Dangermouse – Sofa King
F.Rich, Prok & Fitch – Naga
Dj Chus, Niki B & Christian E – Hossa (C.Soul Rmx)
DjGregory & Gregor Salto – Con Alegria (Solo More Cowbell Rmx)
Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You
James Brown – Super Bad
S.Samson – Riverside (Afrojack Rmx)
Solo – Congaloid
Bastian Schuster – New Orleans
Dj Jean, Asino – The Bomb
Afrojack & Diplo – How I like it (Kid Kaio & R. Sinester Rmx)
Dopamine – Spunk
Solo – Joga Bola
Dennis & Dj Vasco- Unknown
Renaissance Man – Spraycan
Layo & Bushwacka – Love Story (Solo Bootyleg)
L.Charmes, Kid Kaio – This sound Is
Maskio – Human Jungle (Santos Reedit)
Flash 2.9 – Unknown
Tiga – Shoes (Noob Rmx)
Solo – Rawmania
Max Romeo – Play With Your Pussy

Download It Here (Mediafire)


Dirrty Rave Sessions by Panchitron on Mixcloud

This one by our homie Pancho is up here because the FLOW is serious……

It’s a bangin’ mix only lastin’ 13 minutes but it’s a powerful, testosterone filled, floor fillin’, cumbia booty grabbin with an 80’s electro-tinged finale mix!

He did say he was going to do one every month but man dunno what happened to that, shame it never happened cause this I just LOVE!!!


Panchitron-Quiero Que Sepas XxX
Toy Selectah-BKLYN Raverton Break
Sonido del Principe vs Josefa
Sonido del Principe-Horario de Verano
DJ DUS- Daft-Cumbia (Robot Rock)


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Must be thinkin’ how can the vain twat include one of his own mixes…lol…don’t blame you, I’d be thinking the same if it was somebody else.

This is here though more so for the Sonido Del Principe material which can be hard to find online even though it’s always free but there’s no one place where you can go to hear it.

This one also because it displays the more atmospheric and sensitive side to SDP’s music which rarely ever features on his own or other mixes which contain his tracks.

So this one really is more for the music it contains as opposed to the mix or the guy who mixed it!!!!

I hope you fuckin’ believe me!!!..lol


Well, they released one of my favourite albums of 2009, a modern GLOBAL GHETTOTECH classic, in fact the best ever Global Ghettotech album PERIOD!!!

They beat Diplo at his own game, IMHO….lol

They also dropped this mini-mix, as an appetizer to their EP release of “Belly Full Of Pills”.

They prepared a little mix of tracks from that EP, including some exclusive Bavarian bounce material.

Man, it was BRILLIANT then and it is still BRILLIANT now….

These guys are going to go on to MASSIVE & MAJOR things in 2010, don’t be surprised if they end up producing MEGA STARS….it just has to happen!!

As they said in their own words, “PREPARE FOR THE SIRENS”!!!!



I think we were one of the first to grab this from the CROOKERS BLOG and they posted it in top secrecy pretending they did not know who the artist behind it was…..lol

This is what Crookers said:

Check this very last mix by the Devil himself, little is known about his musical background and future releases, but we’ll keep you updated…

However, I can find out almost anything…lol….and as this mix “interested” me, within a matter of a couple of hours I had it sussed and revealed to all the world that it was MIXHELL!!!

What makes this mix is the INTRO and that’s it I’m afraid, the rest of it just does not live up to the first 5 minutes!!!  I don’t know if that’s because the beginning is so POWERFUL & ORIGINAL or just because the rest of it does not really tie in that well with the beginning.  Saying that, the further dialogue moments later on in the mix are also immense!!!

The best Tarantino script that he never wrote!!!




This one just dropped a couple of days ago and there’s about 50+ tracks expertly crafted into 1 hour!!!

Liquid Stranger is the other guy who did one of my favourite albums of 2009, “The Intergalactic Slapstick”, just a brilliant, brilliant album.

Man he drops awesome mixes too and this one is just DUBSTEP POWER!!!!

11. KU BO

ku bo mixsession for the gilles perterson worldwide show on BBC by CRUNCHTIME ©

Lastly but not least, this mix by Ku Bo a.k.a STEREOTYP, creator of Barefoot!

Ku Bo’s album comes out on Man Recordings in or about April/May 2010 but I’ve been very, very lucky to be given a copy by Ku Bo himself, top secret and under HEAVY, HEAVY security, so much so that I have not even let my homie Vince have a listen to it…lol…

It already is one of my favourite albums of 2010, hands down, I’m absolutely 100% sure about that!!!

This mix is just SUBLIME and how on earth Mr Jazz-Pants Peterson got there ahead of us lot, I’ll never know…lol…only kiddin’..of course Gilles is a legend…in some quarters…not in mine…but man he deserves and is entitled to BIG RESPECT!

Watch out for Ku Bo cause this is GONNA BE BIGNESS and that’s UNDERSTATING IT TOO!!!!

12. Rob Pollinate Mix

Here’s what I said about this one earlier in the year:

Mixes that really stand out for me is when there’s an element of creativity in the mix and the sound is quite different, unique or distinctive.

Was sent this mix by a guy called ROB POLLINATE via Facebook and did not know what to expect and started listening.  Really, really liked what I was hearing.  Cross-Pollinate cause he has done just that with many different genres, style and mood!

I think this is a great mix and one that I’ll come back to time and time again. Here’s what the main dude said about it:

Made this today in the Sun, with a hangover and my cat. I enjoyed it a lot, as did they. There are too many amazing tracks here and also a few of my new tunes.

Grab the “Take It As You Wish” mix from HERE


Skee-Lo – I Wish [Squared Evening Edit]
Cecile – New Year New Love
Johnny Prez – La Potra
King Cannibal – Murder Us
Lady Saw – Pum Pum
DJ Naughty – Quicktime
Chancha Via Circuito – Zorzal Instrumental
Villa Diamante – Emisor vs Dead Prez
Bomba Estereo – Fuego [The Peronists Remix]
Squared – Atlantic Decay [Demo]
Sonido Del Principe – Watch Dem ft Horace Andy
Esgar – Bass Batter
Squared – The End [Demo]
Squared – Radio One
Unknown Artist – La Flauta Tribal
DJ Mouse – Guata Guata
NaughtyBeats – Nutz
Inspirational Sounds feat. Stephanie Hladowski – Warning
Deckstar – Mistikal Bass
Djivan Gasparyan – Moon Shines At Night
Squared – Radio Two
Fairuz – Sa ‘Alouni Annass
El Remolon – Zapatillas Galacticas


  1. hey bro! i just read this and i feel soooo happy about it! you made one of my favourite mixes, and this means a lot for me…even my english isn’t soo good, i hope u understand it’s a pleasure for me been here @genbass and most of all, being your friend aaand lil’ sister

    happy new year!

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