Pushing the envelope on a sound under represented in today’s electronic music field comes 2 FREE !!tunes from
the Vermin Street label.
Everyone knows the Ragga-Jungle formula with its Amen Breaks and huge sub bass!!
And the template has been set for Dubstep with reggae MC’s and wobble bass drops, but is that where it
These two artists, CacheFlowe and Vinyl Blight are seeking to widen that scope of our Post Dancehall Era
with this release.

this release:
Vermin Street Digital Dancehall Series: Issue 1
CacheFlowe – Rahst
Bongo Chilli – Everyday (Vinyl Blight Mix)

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or listen & grab here
DubSeriesMegaMix by verminstreet
The A-side of this release comes courtesy of CacheFlowe.
Cacheflowe has a strong track record for pushing experimental beats.
With a slew of releases out on Colorado label Plastic Sound Supply, remixes by Starkey and Machine Drum
and currently flipping his all original Audio/Video performance all around Denver and beyond, the man is
surfing the crest of the wave of future music.
“Rahst” starts off with filtered atmospherics opening the tune up to an iconic DnB kick snare rhythm. Before
long, the bass drops and the tune falls back into a deep head nod riddim and unfolds with skanking synth
stabs and reggae vocals.
Its a big tune for the deeper time of a set, and a new sound from one of Denver’s most forward thinking
future music acts.
Here’s a video of his recent performance in Boston:

The B-side of this release is Vinyl Blight’s remix of a Bongo Chilli tune “Everyday.”
Bongo Chilli has been around the Digital Dancehall world.
The man cut his teeth working in the Jungle/DnB world, but more lately has worked with am impressive list
of producers in the world of Post-Dancehall including The Bug, The Rootsman, Kush Arora, Rogue State
and has also been featured on compilations alongside Sean Paul and Rupee.
Bongo also stands out for his work teaching Caribbean vocal styles in schools and his stance on nonviolence.
Vinyl Blight is most known for his formulations of Digital Dancehall and Ragga Jungle and has forthcoming
remixes of Kush Arora and MC Zulu.
The producer takes this vocal from the dub territory and brings it uptempo to the world of dancehall.
Featuring a dirty synth hook and heavy sub bass, the tune weaves through classic dancehall riddims and
mash-up jungle breaks, while steering clear of anything standard or typical.
This is a tune to get people on their feet.
Here’s a video of a recent Vinyl Blight performance:



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