I’ve been going on about SUPER CUMBIA FUTURISTA all of last year and so now you can go and purchase the CD off I-Tunes:

Space Cumbia Sampler by spacecumbia now on iTunes

GRAB A FREE TRACK (we previously posted this one a few months back):

Ciclón del Caribe – Afrodita vs G-Flux


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Ciclon del Caribe Remix EP by spacecumbia now on iTunes

Here’s what the release notes for the CD say:

Space Cumbia:

Mexico City Electronic Excursions is a music compilation from
La Super Cumbia Futuristica—an artist collective of Mexico City producers
and DJ’s.

Producers Gustavo Naranjo (G-Flux) and Immanuel Miralda
(Afrodita, Los Wendy’s, Teknolele) have carefully selected ten tracks from some of the best artists in the collective, including some of their own, to create this imaginative and boldly creative compilation of modern sounds.

Although the term Space Cumbia is a direct reference to the internationally known, Colombian-bred rhythm of Cumbia; the genre’s roots primarily lie in Mexican Pop culture and the “Sonido Tropical” (a Mexican variation of the classic Colombian sound) blended with the synthetic sonic palette of Electronica; the urbanized, rhythmic thump of club and dance culture, and the expansive cinematic orchestrations and production of Downtempo music.

The lyrics are purposely “sparse and light “ as if to keep the same feel of the original “Tropical” sound—the only way Cumbia has ever been political is in its appeal to the masses and the artists seem to interpret that as a statement unto itself.

Space Cumbia is a place where deeply saturated layers of vintage, analogue sounds are mixed in with new digital effects and production to create something that is modern, timeless, and distinctively Mexican. For example, one may hear on a song a classic guiro sound and shaker along with over processed vocals and Casio synths.

The rhythms and cadences of Cumbia music have evolved in some shape or form throughout Latin America; Space Cumbia represents the modern sounds of the Cumbia in Mexico City.

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