Remember i said we didn’t have too much ska here on GB..well i finally found one with some nice some dub/steps…breaks..and siiiiick stuff made by no one else but the GUNJA BROTHERS to bring some dope what they describe as GUNJASTEP..
Gunja Shuffle – Gunja Brothers by Gunja Brothers

We Smoke with Ur Muthas – Gunja Brothers by Gunja Brothers
Never back down – Gunja Brothers by Gunja Brothers

this song has some “welcome to jamrock” kindaflow
Take it Easy – Gunja Brothers by Gunja Brothers

dats wat they have to say bout themselves:”since da bruthas was eight on da streets we’d rate high wit da chicks an da guys would hate how we had each others backs and we knew da back trax chicks showed us their racks dis filled up our sacks bruthas grew up fast never last da journeys was vast but we remember our past one night on da pills we put togetha our skills gunja music was born like a boner in da morn.”



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