This just in the mailbox man… 

Awesome dub by these guys called RADIOACTIVE SANDWICH. Totally futuristic yet classic stuff, close to the true dub from the 70’s without being stale or sounding dated. Combining breaks, groovy bass, and psychedelic synth lines with modern and top notch production, Radioactive Sandwich servers up a meal that will surely satiate even the strongest dub hunger. These guys have released 4 albums and provided remixes for Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo (feat. Peter Gabriel), Kelly Sweet, and Simon Collins (feat. Phil Collins).

They have a new album out right now which is called “AND A SANDWICH” which is totally awesome. Its for sale at their own STORE (I think they use Itunes for that) and well worth a digital visit! Highpoints on this album are the second track “SVALBARD VAULT”, with lush warm atmospheres and the deep bass driven “CAREFUL CONSIDERATION OF THE XA”, which you can check out below. Although their music sounds very American (think Bassnectar and others), it also reminds me of early UK IDM like the first Artificial Intelligence series by Warp and even more of the Ambient Dub series that featured the likes of Banco de Gaia and Higher Intelligence Agency. But updated. and new! check them out man, you won’t be sorry!

here’s the track “Careful Consideration of the Xa” as a freebie for all GB readers: 


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