We covered this dude, DR RUDDZ, earlier last year with a Phaat Phuture Kuduro number, back HERE.

The dude is based in Mexico but judging by his name, Ivan Dimtrov, I think he originates from Bulgaria or one of the other Balkan states.

Anyway, since then he’s done some other really cool sounding vybz crossing the Dancehall, Latin, Dubstep and Kuduro genres.

Take a listen below and also be sure to check out another great track on his Soundcloud page which is a remix for KINKY called “Marcha Atras” which has no sharing link, hence why it’s not here!!!

You can download 2 of the 3 numbers below including the Futuro Kuduro number we posted on the first ocassion!!!

LV – Globetrotting (erol bellot) rddz RWRKD by Dr.Ruddz

03 Don Tosti’s Pachuco Boogie Boys -TiriliStep (PDP ultra tequila-n-squirt mix) RUFF by Dr.Ruddz

Zuzuzku-Con Paso Campeon (PDP remix) RUFF by Dr.Ruddz


Here’s the KINKY no.

Kinky – Marcha Atras (PDP REMIX 2090) by Dr.Ruddz

All PDP tracks are produced by Dr.Ruddz & Ezekiel for the Phutute Dark Phunk posse.

More stuff to be uploaded soon + debut PDP release coming soon in 2010.

Yes, Yes Yes proud bulgarian experiment, ayde opa!


  1. OH SHIT! I just came across this Campeon remix on Zuzuku’s MySpace page last week and have been trying to find it! Somehow I didn’t realize it was a Ruddz remix. That Trillistep joint is bangin, too!

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