Well…f’sho many of us already dig dubstep, grime, and nu cumbia.. but GB wants to be all over the place..and we couldn’t be more grateful without the artistic exploration and musical expantion and Boom-bap flamenco and Mo’rockin breakbeats from Gnawledge or the eclectic sound from OJOS DE BRUJO, or the awesomeness of CALIMA.

Featuring live instrumentation from 16 local Andalusian musicians, Granada Doaba was produced by Gnotes as part of ethnomusicologist Canyon Cody’s Fulbright grant.

Check this ULTRA SICK STUFF out! K’naan and granada doaba (gnawledge remix)

and grab it free here

flamenco hip hop
No Te Rebeles (Seguiriya) by granadadoaba

arab flamenco hip hop

Gnawledge – La Senda Del Abuelo by granadadoaba
Funded by a Fulbright grant, Granada Doaba was inspired by the musical history of immigration through southern Spain. Directed by ethnomusicologist Canyon Cody and produced by underground rapper Gnotes, the album features 16 musicians from around the world who are all currently living in Granada (Spain). Rooted in flamenco and Arab music, Granada Doaba explores Andalusia’s diverse history of musical fusion, with influences coming from India, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the USA.

Grab  the whole album FREE HERE !!! Gnawledge: Granada Doaba

If you like OJOS DE BRUJO, then you’ll love Calima..


a different approach to spanish percussion is made by Coetus

DANNY CARBONELL a.k.a MACACO (i can make a whole post just about him, he is amazing) seriously..amazing!!

you won’t find too much free stuff from macaco,ODB, or those bands…but you’ll find them 😉

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