DUB 13 is one of those peeps that have been with us a long time. I think he might have been one of the very first to leave a comment on the blog when we kicked it off? anywayz – Sometimes you dont hear from em for weeks, then all of a sudden it becomes clear why they have been so quit. they have been crafting their skills and been working on amazing tracks of course!

Here’s DUB 13’s beautiful version of a classic. grab it in all it’s dubbed out splendor and enjoy your weekend!
‘viajante’ – Tremor (la luna-voltaje revision) – dub_13 by dub_13


  1. madd repsect el Principe !!!! … thnx much for feelin tha’ vibez. Headfunk 2010 … yes, yes y’all and it WON’T stop !! … jejejejeje. Vamo pa’ la calle …

    peace be on ya’ .. vibez and luv.

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