Further eveidence I think that Cumbia has excellent prospects of penetrating the candy floss coloured commercial music scene.

Ok, it’s not an OFFICIAL remix but it could be, perhaps!

These cutz are by a very talented producer known as NEHUEN who is based in Barcelona, Spain.

The dude is very diverse and he’s experimenting with everything from Cumbia through to Dubstep and Tropical vybz.

You know there’s just something about CUMBIA & DUBSTEP at the minute, not necessarily fused but as separates, I’m digging both of these genres more than any other at the minute.

I must admit I’m really enjoying some of the Nu Cumbia Pop experimentations and also the Popstep stuff too!

Brandy&monica-the boy is mine (nehuen cumbia remix) by nehuen

This second track is a brilliant Nu Cumbia track soaking in the influences of ZZK!!!!

Nehuen-cumbietron by nehuen


    1. hahahah…sorry man I did not even know you posted it….seriously..we always credit blogs we nick stuff from…and you being one of our homies would make it even more important to do so…..

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