House, street, sex, South America, friendship, swing, cúmbia, magic, hip, feeling, techno, kwaito, night, Africa, love, dancing, traveling, parties… are some of the triggers which motivate Matias Aguayo & his  Cómeme label.

To make a real party they take their boomboxes to a public space where together with invited friends and passer-bys and a spontaneous party is celebrated. The music comes from an mp3-player connected to the soundsystem. It features dj sets from friends all over the world, who prepare their short sets at home and send them to us via internet. these sets are placed in the heart of our party. Each boombox, loaded with 10 batteries, the adventure of taking a public space, makin friends thru dancing and enjoying music are the ingredients of these parties, which celebrated in daytime or during the night, take place in the real concrete dancefloor!! THA STREETS!!!

Courtesy of our homies from the XLR8R blog we gently grab this Dope podcast mix,made by Aguayo’s own productions with everything from classic cumbias to Latin-flavored flea-market finds.

01 Grupo Valledupar “Hechizería” (Discos de Colección Monterrey)
02 Matías Aguayo “Riddimx 100” (Cómeme)
03 Ku Nice “Cabo Verde”
04 2 DJs and a Keyboard Player “Sekele” (Static Plastic)
05 DJ Rodrigo “Pista Dembow 1” (Discos Discos)
06 Matías Aguayo “Sheika Tambori” (Cómeme)
07 Los Sobby Boxers “El Llanto de la Tortuga) (Latin)
08 Matías Aguayo “Ritmo Tres” (Kompakt)
09 Chantal “Chanta Uno” (Cómeme)
10 Secession “Touch” (Intercord)
11 Mr. Fingers “On My Way” (MCA)
12 Matías Aguayo “Desde Rusia” (Kompakt)
13 Omega y su Mambo Violento “Pa Perrear” (Allegro)
14 DJ Terrivel “O Bum Bum” / Matías Aguayo “Bombacha Veloz” (Cómeme)
15 Diegors “Dembow ABC” (Cómeme)
16 Primo de Andres “La Megatonica” (Mi Amigo de la Lagunilla)

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