Wow, came across these a couple of days ago.  Our mate, Lowdjo tipped me on to them.

Some really good stuff here by AFRIKAN SCIENCES.  Cannot tell you much about them at all except that they hail from Oakland, USA!!!….Very Afrikan…lol

They offer a strange and outer-worldly brew of South Afrikan vybz fused with Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk and it’s kinda experimental but very TASTY!

Download this track:

Zano Bathroom – Steam Creature Sector 7 by Afrikan Sciences

This next track is the best of the bunch, awesome Afrikan funkiness which is obviouly a mash of a track called “Wow,wow” a track which I’ve heard before but I don’t know who it is by, if you know, then let me know.  I’m sure my homie, Galliano might be able to fill me in:

Afrikan Sciences ft Tata Salah Kongo- Xicuahua Melli by Afrikan Sciences

Afrikan Sciences ft Tata Salah Kongo- Xicuahua by Afrikan Sciences

RESTLESS SOUL ft Taki by Afrikan Sciences

The rest are quite experimental:

Climate of Strange by Afrikan Sciences

Thoughts Deluxe by Afrikan Sciences

Inquisitivity by Afrikan Sciences

There’s MORE on their Soundcloud page, check em’ out if you’re feeling this!


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