Probably some of you already know I (CABALLO) started my musical “career” as a death metal vocalist in the 90’s, and eventually began singing more and more to “electro hybrids” thanks to industrial, punk, hardcore and gothic metal late 90’s… few bands from the metal scene made me try to explore where they got that originality from their influences.

The first one was DUBWAR

Dub War were formed in the town of Newport, South Wales in 1993,Their extra-ordinary blend of ragga/rap/punk & metal soon earned them a reputation across the world.

Dub War soon began to gain a reputation for a unique live performance, mainly due to Benji’s madman adlib. Several singles were released from Pain, including Gorrit & the now legendary Strike it.

watch it!

later DUBWAR split due differences with their record label , so Benji Webbe & Co formed SKINDRED

and finally HIT THE JACKPOT they deserved!!

Check their Vampire Killa

or this amazing Eddy Grant’s ELECTRIC AVENUE cover!!

Raw Bud a project made up of 3 former members of the raggae, rap, punk and metal band Dub War (Raw Bud spelled backwards) and Skindred, made a RONI SIZE antiremix “Rise Up”.

So i bet u r saying..What’s the link btw Metal and GB post? quite simple After Dubwar’s Step ta dis, Caballo (the one who posts here) was not the same

Dubwar’s remixes and BONG RA’s collaboration with Benji

grab this sweet tune from Dub War remixes era!!
05) attica blues strike it

03) aphrodite nations -Aphrodite remix


  1. i used to love dub war!

    but it was really all about the dub-mixes they used to have as the B-sides of their singles. They were one of the only bands where I used to buy all the singles, just so I could have the b-sides….

    thanks for the nostalgia trip!

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