Pritesh, the dude behind managing the Bandish Projekt and real good bro’ of mine, has just sent me this link to a FREEE Bandish Projekt download.

It’s an unoffficial remix of a track from the overrated movie, Slumdog Millionaire.

The film might be overrated but Mayur puts the track in another league as he usually does, this time in an Elektro stylee.

The track is not new but from over 1 year ago but is still on heat!

Grab it NOW!!!!

Get this player from Fairtilizer!


  1. Interessant. Kommt hier noch ein Folgeartikel? Möchte sehr gern einiges mehr darüber wissen. Kannst du mir per Mail antworten?

  2. Hello there.. I am a newbie to wordpress and I been doing some research to get some ideas. Your wordpress blog definitely has given me some inspiration. Really appreciate for that!.. and not to mention I’vebookmarked your Generation Bass » FREE BANDISH PROJEKT DOWNLOAD : SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE .

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