It’s Generation Bass (as in ‘base’ and not the fish) and it’s Friday Night, it can only mean one thing, DJ Mixfesssssssst!


This mix might just turn out to be one of my favourite mixes of this year, it’s original, unique, contains good source material and is quite inventive and the flow is cool. Oh, it also includes tracks by Beats Antique, a band I really love and who I have worked with in the past on a couple of my compilation releases as Shisha Sound System.

It’s by a guy called FLETCHER who comes from South Afreaka!!!

I LOVE it and I’m sure you will do too!!!

Unfortunately the only downside is that it’s not downloadable!!!!  Why some DJ’s still insist on not allowing downloads in this day and age is beyond my comprehension but he can be forgiven for that cause the mix ROCKS!!!

Crunk Up The Dub Mix by fletcher

01 7FT Soundsytem – Piped Piper – Cape Town
02 Beats Antique feat Fanfarra Kalashnikov – Oriental Uno – Oakland
03 Poirier feat Face T – Wha La La Leng [Maga Bo Remix] – Montreal
04 Narchi – Bam Bam Remix – Cape Town
05 Dj C feat Mims / Jnr Reid / Cham – This Is A Stage Show – Boston
06 Mix n Blend – Full Ahead [Krushed & Sorted Remix] – Cape Town
07 Noah D feat Anthony B – Good Sound – Portland
08 Fletcher – Elektro Riddim – Cape Town
09 Breakage feat Roots Manuva – Run ‘Em out – London
10 Narchi – Squelch This – Cape Town
11 Dj C feat Quality Diamond – Let It Billie – Portland
12 Mr Sakitumi – Secret Asian Man (Live @ Earthdance) – Cape Town
13 Beats Antique feat Sweet Snacks – Extra Extra – Oakland
14 P.H.Fat – Big Five [Liver Remix] – Cape Town
15 T.O.B – 5 And A Half Steps – Cape Town
16 Jahdan Blackamoore – Let’s Go – Brooklyn
17 Narchi – Skeletons – Cape Town
18 Vent – Itchy Feet – London
19 Artista Desconhecido – Coco Desconhecido [Maga Bo remix] – Rio De Janeiro
20 Mix n Blend – Sik Wid It [Biscope Remix] – Cape Town


Great new mix from our homie Doma….this is just PERCUSSION HEAVEN!!!!!

Some of you peeps know just how much I love my percussion!

You will barely recognise some of the original tracks cause he’s just percussi-fried (nu made up word in true GB style) dem but they sound RAD!

Dame Tornados by domatornados

Tracks+loops+midi clips+live percussion+ fx

1.Rede (Doma Tornados remix)
2.Poppin (Schlachtofbronx) + Subamos (Doma Tornados)
3.Subamos-edit version (Doma Tornados)
4.What da fuck (J.Sanza) + Cuantico (Sustainer)
5.Mad Drumz (Dj Master D/Nguzunguzu refix)+ Sambador (Natema)
6.Crackish (Ms. Dynamite&Geenius) + Marioneta (Vandelklang)
7.Marioneta (Vandelklang)+ Hasret (Omar Faruk Tekbilek) + Ridim (Sheikha Rimitti) + Mentiras (Los Amigos Invisibles)
8.Pura Sangre (Pura) + Sambador (Natema)
9.Sambador (Natema) (Doma Tornados refix)
10.Phoenix City (Yamaha vs Electrico_Doma refix)
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Anybody who knew me (UMB) before Generation Bass will know I had around 10 commercial compilation releases which are still available worldwide.

3 of those were Tango compilations soaking in the Nu Tango scene and some of the trad stuff too.

One of my most exciting new discoveries during that period of Electro Tango was a beautiful young woman from Argentina called Vivi Pedraglio and I licensed a bunch of her material for the compilations. She has since become a good friend of mine and is simply now known to me as “VIVI BABY”.

Not only does Vivi create Electro Tango masterpieces but she also does a variety of other stuff too under her other alter- ego’s, DIAMANDA (Club) and HIJAS DEL RIGOR (Experimental/Downtemp/Ambient).

Here’s a gorgeous downtempo mix she laid down a couple of years back and please do go to her My Space to check out her Electro Tango stuff cause it’s awesome.

Set soundcloud hdr by Vivipedraglio


Caballo covered this guy earlier in the week and here’s a great new mix from him.

Sonora – Sonido Mundial Mix by SONORAAA


Waer Rock always comes up with interesting material for his mixes and this one ain’t no different, made up wholly of unreleased and exclusive material, which as a head start always makes a mix interesting even before you’ve heard it.

Beats and Bass: NYght Out by Waer Rock


Here’s a mix that Celt Islam did for the BBC a little while back showcasing mostly his own dark and unique SUFI DUB tunes and some dark drum and bass junglism too.

It’s a mind-bender!!!



Is Tommi a Bender? who cares but he does brilliant Balkan Nights in Amsterdam.

Here’s his latest Balkan mix soaking in the real atmosphere on one of his nights and staying true to the more trad and gypsy punk style stuff as opposed to bastardized watered down club stuff, which I usually

On request a new mixtape with just “BALKAN”-music…it ended up in a sorta “greatest hits/best of..”, so it gives an impression of the balkanparty scene in the Netherlands..

C-MON & KYPSKI – circus
SHANTEL – bucovina dub rmx
VV – musika dika
MALA VITA – el cerbrero
LA CARAVANE PASSE – takakadikki
ACQUINA DROM – tessaloniki
AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND – a chassid in amsterdam
DOBRANOTCH – fun der huppe
MAGNIFICO – hir i kum hir i go
BIJELO DUGME – rok n roll
DELADAP – goldregen (noha rmx)
RIVA STARR – i was drunk
GORAN BREGOVIC – prostitutke (samrabam rmx)
ESMA – chaje shukarija
OSTBLOCKET – rumania
FANFARE CIOCARLIA – hora cu strigaturii


DJ Greenfly has done the right thing and moved on to Dubstep and Half-Step.

So here’s a really listenable Dubstep mix with shades of Half-Step thrown in, the latter created by our very own Ghosryda and so of course as he’s the only guy currently doing Half-Step, those are his tracks in the mix.

Get this player from Fairtilizer!


ronit rasta-dvash ori schochat alarm
spoon-the ghost of you lingers (gavin holland bootleg)
kode 9-skeng
parker-wher’s my monkey
ghosryda-only truth
ghosryda vs ben venom-flesh eater halstep
pirate sound system-my dimension
kode 9- 2 far gone

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