This one’s for the GIRLS…..

I thought it was time some of the girls started getting some eye candy too.

I gave you a semi-clad and angelic Bob Sinclar a little while back and so here’s another very pretty boy, DAVID STARFIRE! But the guys we post ain’t just pretty, they’re seriously talented too.  [And don’t worry my posts are not gonna descend into some cheesy flesh-fest…now that’s a good idea for a…Flesh-Fest).

Aside from being photogenic, Starfire recently released a new album called Bollyhood Bass and you check the feature we ran on it last week HERE.  It came with a free download track from the new album and also an awesome remix of my favourite song by my favourite band, Zeppelin’s Kashmir.

Starfire told me recently that he’s been following and loving our blog for quite a little while now.  Man that always surprises me when I hear that cause I always still imagine there’s like 5-10 people dotted around the world, friends and relatives, regularly tuning into our blog at least 2000 times a day….lol.

Anyway, STARFIRE also sent me a bunch of great new tunes/remixes that he’s done which I can offer to you for free download.

This guy truly embodies the Transnational Generation Bass mentality as his influences and love for music is far and wide soaking in everything from Indian and Arabic dance grooves through to Indie-Rock.  So he’s very versatile and you can tell that he just loves music!!!

He has also “unofficially” remixed  M.I.A, Radiohead, The Smiths and two of the greatest bands ever, LED ZEPPELIN & THE BEATLES.

So here’s a kind of STARFIRE RETROSPECTIVE to bring you bang up to date with his past and present movements and to showcase what a great talent he is.  That, he’s not just a pretty boy 🙂


SITARFIRE-David Starfire by davidstarfire | |

HOT VID WITH Sharon Kihara (Bellydance Superstars)..We both seem to have this bellydance connection too, which is always a great thing 🙂

Sucka Free-David Starfire featuring Stress Tab and Sharon Kihara!! from davidstarfire on Vimeo.


Beatles-Come Together (David Starfire remix) by davidstarfire


M.I.A. vs David Starfire (Jimmy/Sucka Free mashup) by davidstarfire

N.A.S.A.-Whatchadoin-David Starfire Remix-Feat. iCatching, Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santogold by davidstarfire


StarStepper-David Starfire by davidstarfire

Indian Fever-David Starfire by davidstarfire

Faqir-Jef Stott (David Starfire Remix) by davidstarfire

Celtic Dub-Dehli2Dublin (David Starfire-Dubwize Dubliner Remix) by davidstarfire

Loaded-David Starfire and Laird (Original Version) by davidstarfire


Radiohead-Idioteque (David Starfire remix) by davidstarfire


The Smiths-How Soon is Now (David Starfire Remix) by davidstarfire

Big Mouth Strikes Again-The Smiths (David Starfire Remix) by davidstarfire


Classic-iCatching (produced by DavidStarfire) by davidstarfire

Waffler-David Starfire (featuring turntablism by Ooah) by davidstarfire

Music-iCatching (produced by David Starfire) by davidstarfire

Loaded-David Starfire and Laird (Ragga Version) by davidstarfire


  1. This guy is from another planet, beware! Highly contagious!!! His set at Hookah Dome at the night of THE burn had changed my life, in better way.
    David, your talent should not be kept hidden!!! FLY and Keep on bringing bits from your planet !!!!!!!

    Bollywood Bass is a very wicked album. Love every minute of it!!!

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