Nortec Panoptica Orchestra</strong> is a band created by Roberto A. Mendoza aka Panoptica. Roberto started in the Mexican electro scene since the late 80’s by founding Mexico’s benchmark bands like Artefakto (Opcion Sonica / Zoth Ommog), and in the late 90’s the critically acclaimed and grammy nominated Nortec Collective (where Northern Mexican folk meets with electronica). But his solo story began in the year 2000 when he signed a deal as Panoptica with the London label Certificate 18 releasing a series of 10’ and albums, meanwhile with Nortec collective he released Tijuana Session Vol. 1 on Palm Pictures and Tijuana Sessions Vol.3 on Nacional records. By the end of 2007 Roberto decided to record a new solo album to push and further develop the Nortec sound and working independently from the Tijuana collective, so with new musical partners and special guest’s like Javiera Mena, Khan Oral and Yerba Buena comes the debut album on March 2010 (digital and vinyl).

Pico selector by Nortec panoptica

Time Ends featuring Khan Oral (Luis Flores Remix) by Nortec panoptica

And this EPIC REMIX!!!!! dance nortec!!!!
Living On Video (nortec version) by Nortec panoptica

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