Check out this NU CUMBIA by 3 new players on the scene:


Acorde hails from Mexico and I’m really enjoying his mash ups and remixes and here’s a couple for you to check out:

Rigo vs. Daft Punk by Acorde On

Una libra de cadera(versión techno techno cumbia) by Acorde On


This guy is also from Mexico and his remixes are realllly TASTY.

Maluca- El Tigeraso (cumbia sonidero edit) by papiperez

Crunk cumbia by papiperez


Now this guy, DANIEL FLOREZ, comes from Colombia and he’s making Cumbia music fit for the commercial dancefloors of this world.

Great percussive tracks geared directly for commercial play amongst your Tropical and Deep House flavas.

Man I can’t wait to play out some of this guys babies!

Dany F – La Cumbia del Ornitorrinco by DanyF

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