Greg white aka MOSTLYFODDER had always been interested in music but didn’t get into electronic music until a few years ago.he didn’t do much with it until finally bought Ableton Live and then discovered SoundCloud around the same time. He produced from his home-based studio in Chicago using a Mac, Axiom keyboard, Yamaha monitor speakers, and a ridiculously extensive library of sounds. This guy is into instrument plugins & VST’s. And what he does is just AMAZING!!! lots of free stuff!!
Kamalatmika by mostlyfodder
This dude really likes very tight production and precise control over sounds. One of these eclectic guys who’s always working on designing new sounds and rhythms, although also no stranger to using a proper loop when it’s needed!
Gonna Die by mostlyfodder

Musical influences are too many to list but not surprisingly lately I’m into Indian and middle-Eastern sounds and especially Bhangra. He’s always dug this kind of music but really got into it after seeing a few shows when he went in the middle East.
Fuze by mostlyfodder

He originally got into it thinking of producing thumping sounds for the dance floor but that’s been surprisingly difficult to do. That remains a major goal of mine.. to make highly-mixable pumping tracks to cause mayhem on the dance floor. He’s done lots of collaboration projects with other producers and singers.

NOW PEOPLE THIS IS MESMERIZING STUFF!! Piedra del Sol n’ Mostlyfodder
Siddhartha Returns by mostlyfodder

Rip-rup.ratanama by mostlyfodder

The.mouse2 by mostlyfodder

Love Toe by mostlyfodder

I guess tons of people all over the planet r going to dig this west-east master stuff!!!
Project of War by mostlyfodder


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