Well people, if you have kids, probably you have been tortured thousands of times by repeating over and over those kids shows songs.

But there’s one of those kidz shows in where a real DJ is the host, YO GABBA GABBA’s dj Lance rock who is going to be performing in Coachella this year…

Funny thing is there isn’t almost anything from the guy out there…(nice criteria lol)

So we asked brazilian Mash Up master BRUTAL REDNECK-one of the best mash up dudes in the entire world!!!!!- to make an EXCLUSIVE MASH UP FOR US with Dj lance’s only HIT!!! he made it!!!! with the killers!!! and man HE EVEN DID A WICKED VIDEO!!!!! (we can say, it is the first video made exclusively for GB)!!!

Somebody tummy from sassatattoo on Vimeo.


HERE’S SomebodytummyGB

Somebody Tummy by brutal redneck

More mash up!!

beatles vs L7 vs soup dragons
El Seven Dragons by brutal redneck

Radiohead vs la bamba
Creep Bamba by brutal redneck

and this one has too much good stuff
I heard it through the Kurt by brutal redneck


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