Ladies & Gentleman!

Brand new year, immaculate new decade and a new path at Soundamerica project.

Be aware, Pachamama want to blow your speakers>>>>>

From Argentina: King Coya and The Binary Cumbia Orchestra;

From Brazil: Joao Cassiano and Zuzuka Poderosa;

From Colombia: Dany F, Palenke Soultribe and Sidestepper;

From Venezuela: Pacheko;

From Uruguay: [email protected];

From Mexico: Rebolledo.

Have a map, close your eyes, play it loud and get lost in Soundamerica!


Soundamerica vol.9

1.Villa Donde_ King Coya
2.Estetica Terceiro Mundo_Joao Cassiano
3.La Cumbia del Cabeza de Triangulo_Dany F.
4.La barar ratin_Sidestepper
5.La inconformable_The Binary Cumbia Orchestra
6.Palenke from the Jungle (Oro remix)_Palenke Soultribe
7.Zuzuka loves Riverside (Tropikill Edit)_Zuzuka Poderosa
8.Pasta de Coca_Pacheko
9.Insert Coin_[email protected]

Selected, mixed and produced by Hipi Duki at Blackwhale Studio, Montjuic_Bcn
Artwork by G.Piacenza

Released by
Presented by

Creative Commons License_
January, 2010.

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