Relo is a guy from Argentina who is producing some really tasty Tropical vybz fine-tuned to perfection for club sets.

I’m really digging his stuff man and just cannot wait to play them out man!!!

He’s even caught the attention of the GREAT VILLA DIAMANTE and so I think it’s a safe bet that this dude is gonna be a name to watch out for in the near future.

Just listen to this track below and you’ll understand why Villa & I are excited by this kid:

R E L O__MAREO by relo

He is part of SUB KLUB an audiovisual party collective in Buenos Aires with Iszen (who we covered last week on the trackfest) and Loder

You can download the whole TROPICAL EP HERE!

Here’s a MIXTAPE too that you can download or stream:


RELO__Niggalice it mixtape by relo

Art work by subklub vj DSG


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