Been a long time since we posted some stuff from one our favourite genres KUDURO and so here’s a mini Kuduro trackfest for ya!



Yep, that’s DJ MULHER above a.k.a Ana Laura Mello from Sao Paulo, Brazil!!

You know it’s great to see and hear girls breaking into this scene and man they should be supported whole-heartedly ON MERIT!

Ana says, “I really hope I can keep on playing and producing. sometimes it seems harder for girls to stand out into this dj scene”.

Man, she’s right, we far too easily dismiss girls when it comes to dj’ing or producing and we all know it ain’t right!

I ain’t no Saint, I’ve been guilty of it too in the past.

This is an awesome mash up and it’s so good that the downloads were maxxed out some time ago but DJ Mulher has been kind enough to provide an alterative link for continuing to download it.

It’s a DOPE mash up, a dancefloor KILLA!


Buraka Som Sistema feat. Deize Tigrona – Music pra voces (DJ Mulher vs. everybody mashup) by djmulher



Here’s also a couple of Dj Mixes. One of which is a LIVE DJ MIX recorded recently when she played alongside Frikstailers and others at a Haiti benefit gig in Brazil.

mix 15. SUADERO mixtape (Pristine Blusters feat. dj MULHER) by djmulher

dj set @ neu! // noite beneficente pro-Haiti // by djmulher



A Bulgarian mashing up Kuduro…YEAH!

Joro-Boro was born in Bulgaria. He plays and promotes Etnoteck – the dirty and uninhibited side of globalization force-fed back into a party without borders, a three-day Balkan wedding in a post-national state where noise, libido and extasy detonate the market mono-culture.

He established himself during his seven year residency at the Bulgarian Bar (Mehanata) in New York City where he produced the compilation ‘New York Gypsymania’. He is a monthly host of MoGlo (Modern Global) on Radio New York WNYE 91.5 FM.

Joro-Boro is not an artist / charlatan / mythologist. Joro De Boro could be just the opposite.

Kalemba Samba Glitchy Mashup by joro-boro



Here’s what he says:

I just knew that in Brazil Kuduro is played in the bars of the Angolan community and maybe on some global urban beats parties until I found out after a comment from Greg from Beat Diaspora on my Kuduro Mixtape that it was well bigger and that there was a Kuduro dance competition happening on Brazilian TV. But the whole thing is much less Funk Carioca oriented than one could think:

It has been a really big thing in the carnival of Salvador da Bahia!

DJ Panafricano brought Kuduro to Bahia already in 2000 and soon founded the “Academia de Kuduro Bahiano Angola” to promote the music and dance. But it was only in 2009 when Kuduro came out big and the band Fantasmão had one of the hits of the carnival 2009. In their track “Kuduro” they sing about the new fashion from Angola. And the major stars like Ivete Sangalo, Daniela Mercury, Margareth Menezes and Carlinhos Brown played Kuduro-style tracks and had special participations by Angolan artists like Yuri da Cunha (on the foto with the bloco Polimania) and Dog Murras. The latter teamed up with another Brazilian pioneer of Kuduro, the Samba-Pop-Axé-Band Psirico.

I am curious how it will be this year!



OK this final track is not KUDURO, it’s SOCA but I wanted to get it in.

R.S.C. ft Jaky Tuff – Destinacion Realidad (Carnival 2010 Mix) by AndresDigital

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