Man got to tell you that this is the first of many firsts.

It’s the first time that this artist ALEXISK has been interviewed and appeared on a blog.

It’s the first time that I’ve spent this much time investing in preparation on a post on somebody who is yet to establish themselves within any scene anywhere in the world.

It’s the first time that I’ve felt so 100% sure and confident that in time to come this relatively unknown artist is going to go on to greater things.  Not just within a particular genre like Dubstep but on a general level because she has the depth, adaptability, foresight, talent, originality, passion and driving ambition to reach some truly spectacular heights.

It’s also one of the first times that an artist has suggested to me to create a new track especially for Generation Bass to accompany a feature!

So with a preamble that could only befit somebody of legendary status, I introduce you to the Future First Lady of Dubstep!



I first came across this artist a little while back and as soon as I heard her music it struck a chord with me on all levels.

I heard the signs of GREATNESS!

I think for the first time I had discovered a Dubstep artist who not only shared the open vision and saw the same endless possibilities that can be found within Dubstep but who also has the capability to produce and deliver on that vision.

The more I explored, the more and more I became impressed with what unveiled itself before me.

This girl creates straight up Dubstep, Transnational Dubstep, Popstep and Movie Score-Step and DnB!

In fact I’m pretty sure she could create almost anything!

Take a listen to these for starters:


This track has to be one of the best Transnational Dubstep tracks I’ve ever heard!

Alexis K – Undertow in G# by AlexisK

This one’s been done in a 7/8 time signature!!!!!

Alexis K – The Optimal Grind (16bit Wav) by AlexisK’

These next two, I would call MOVIE SCORE-STEP!

Alexis K – Ritmo di Luca by AlexisK

The best Ennio Moriccone influenced dubstep track I’ve ever heard, it’s a KILLA!!

Alexis K – Sundance at Dawn by AlexisK

The next one is a more straight up dubstep track.

Majiika – Diamonds In Time (Alexis K Rough Cutz Remix) by AlexisK

That’s just for starters, that’s not even scratching the surface of what hidden gems this artist has and what she is capable of producing in the future as she matures!!!…She’s only 23yrs of age!!!!!

AlexisK DnB

I’m not a DnB fan at all, in fact as soon as I read it’s a DnB track my interest wanes like a lead balloon but she’s getting me into DnB with some of her productions and that’s never happened before either!

Take a listen to these:

Alexis K – Binding by AlexisK

Alexis K – Easy Company by AlexisK


That is the sign of a great artist.  Someone who can entice you into a genre which you really cannot stomach and I cannot stomach DnB unless it’s by AlexisK or my homies’ Supreme Selecta & Celt Islam.


To reinforce my belief that this artist will be bigger than just in the Dubstep genre, here’s a new track she has done ACOUSTICA DUBSTEP!

She plays all the instruments on this track!!!

Alexis K – Losing Red by AlexisK

There’s lots more coming in Part 2 including an in-depth interview & a FREE DOWNLOAD of a track that our First Lady has created especially for GENERATION BASS as a WORLDWIDE XCLUSIVE !!!!!!

You cannot grab this tune anywhere else and also it’s only up for a LIMITED 100 Downloads.

Check back in a couple or few hours time  or even sooner!

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