After the big success of la 33 people like me started looking for more new bands of SALSA DURA, and the best part is there were many of them!!! Hundreds to choose from..real bands and DJs started getting more attention.

OCHO Y MEDIA are a french salsa band that swings as hard as any in Puerto Rico or New York.

The major addition for the genre happened when DJ’s embraced salsa!! The new influences from which the actual salsa music was/is currently nourishing itself, is not only been reflected in traditional salsa tendencies like: Salsa Celtica, Salsa Flamenca or the Havana Mambo, but also in bands or influences that derived from Ska, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Electronic and others that have been flirting lately with the salsa becoming bigger and richer.
Dirty Salsa is wicked!!

Nowadays Dj’s and Salsa/jazz musicians are jammin like this video in where the salsa dura trumpeter mayte hontele shows some of her skills

And mainstream artist got even more attention when they added salsa beats
Sergent Garcia went from salsamuffin to cumbiamuffin, Orishas keep a deep respect for son cubano , and in Cuba artist like X-Alfonso are doing their own part!!!


And Here’s how they embrace the DJ experience

Nowadays we can find both experiences, a great salsa dura performance and a wicked dj salsa set on the same stage!!
funk, acid jazz, hip hop, are part of the resurrection of salsa!!!


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