Some good stuff here by a guy based in Chile called PAUL MARMOTA, a little reminscent of Villa Diamante’s early BASSSSS mash ups.

Very short tracks but some good ideas in here:


Culosytetas Ft James Manuel by Paulmarmota

Paul Marmota – Delagizzy & Lamaravisha (Avance) by Paulmarmota

What Im Talkin About Ft Neptuno & Dj Sien by Paulmarmota


  1. glad to see a track with neptuno get some recognition. the chilean hip-hop scene in and around santiago has been one of the most fun/creative/underrated for years now, and bit by bit it’s making it’s way. hoping that with douster’s recent hyping he’ll bring some more recognition in that area, already having done a few remixes for the group zonora point.

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