No Friday Night at Generation Bass would be complete now without a MIXFESST!

We don’t go for the usual mixes all over the blogosphere but carefully choose the ones we stick here and usually look for some distinction within them, sound, theme and/or mix-wise.

So here’s 3 I’ve chosen tonight:






Here’s Senior Rebel’s mix straight outta the oven.

Good choice of numbers and includes one of his own BRILLIANT mash up Dubstep Tracks, In the Gangsta Police Car which was the closing number on my Transnational Dubstep mix.

Also includes the Generation Bass xclusive by our FIRST LADY, ALexisK who is just continuing to produce tunes at such a prolific pace that it’s scary cause they’re all consistently brilliant too!

Fire Judgement Mixtape by processrebel

A short but sweet dubstep mix featuring:

(1) TocaLamerica (Process Rebel Mash-Up) – Jazzsteppa vs. Fofando

(2) Faust (Process Rebel Dubstep Remix) – Selande [forthcoming on Blipswitch Digital]

(3) Steporkiklash – Zef

(4) In The Gangsta Police Car (Process Rebel Mash-Up) – Dr. Israel vs. 16bit

(5) Say More Fire – Aaron Spectre

(6) Ransom (Timeblind Remix) – Maga Bo with Hassan

(7) Luv n’ Liv (Ming vs. Subatomic Soundsystem Remix) – Dub Gabriel featuring U Roy

(8) Gumby’s Night in Cuba – Alexis K

(9) Call Me Blood Fire (Process Rebel Drop Time Mix) – Process Rebel featuring Dr. Israel [Call Me Blood Fire ep on Blipswitch Digital Available everywhere on March 9th, 2010]


Balkadan is back with a great mix of tracks and a very serious and noble message.

If I’m not mistaken Balkadan is Jewish and living in Israel and what he’s doing here partly restores my faith in Humanity.

Plus it’s a stonkingly great and original mix of hard to find/unheard of tracks!


Save Jarrah – An Arab-Israeli Mix by Balkadan

Recorded live at a support event for the eastern-Jerusalem arab residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, where Palestinian families are being evicted from their houses by right-wing Jewish settlers. Read more here:

The set combines tunes of Arab and Israeli artists and travels from Jerusalem ’round the Middle-East and back.

1. Vulcan – Nim’as
2. RGB – Ya Wled Loubnan
3. Instanbul Latin Ensemble & Ayhan Sicimoglu – Reggaeturcatone
4. DAM – Ng’ayer Bukra (Change Tomorrow)
5. Cheikha Rimitti – Rimitti Ridim
6. Soulico – El Nur Feat. Ghostface Killah, Saz & Tomer Yosef
7. Axum – Kul Wahed
8. DAM – Mali Huriye (I Don’t Have Freedom)
9. Balkan Beat Box – Habibi Min Zaman
10. Balkan Beat Box – Ramllah-Tel Aviv
11. Hadag Nachash – Shalom Salam Peace

final dope black on white

This is not new but man we overlooked this one.

It is a DOPE mix of brilliant and some of the best of what South Africa’s Cape Town has to offer right now…Hot Dancefloor Action!

4get ur FREAK..Git ur VOODOO ON!

Fletcher – Cape Town is Dope by africandope


Klinikal – Doom (African Dope)

Sibot (Feat. Spoek) – Bang On The Drum (Sshadoworkss)

Dank – Rock The Boat (African Dope)

Fletcher Meets Mix n Blend – Shall We Swing (African Dope)

P.h.fat – Prime Apes (African Dope)

Triplet Ov Bellville – Decay In Daisies (instrumental) (Unreleased)

Die Antwoord – Wat Pomp (Watkykjy)

Sibot – 12345 (African Dope)

Mix N Blend – Sik Wit It (African Dope)

P.H.Fat – JabuÕs Dance Team (African Dope)

Felix Laband – Donkey Rattle 4.4 (African Dope)

Kalahari Surfers – Cutting Yourself (Free State Music)

Mix n Blend (Feat. Crosby) – Outta Town (cherries & Berries Remix) (African Dope)

Fletcher Meets Maga Bo – Alleyways (African Dope)

Mix n Blend – Champion Sound (African Dope)

Mix n Blend & SFR – Tantrum (African Dope)

SFR – Swings Dub (Unreleased)

Fletcher – Dreadlox Dub (African Dope)

SFR – Kwaito Mandla (African Dope)

Zoro & Red Lion – Get It On (African Dope)

Maga Bo (Feat. Teba) – Nqayi (African Dope)

Mix n Blend – Sunday Dub (instrumental) (African Dope)

Bioscope – Heart Of Darkness (Unreleased)

JJ – Free Sensimilla (African Dope)

Released by: African Dope Records


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