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When i wrote the salsa dura resurrection, i did start listening to all the good latin stuff i have in my place, so i could have sum inspiration, one of the whole planet favorite and not included in the post are the BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB guys, and a saw a video of them playing from a recent tour; one that caught my attention had the Holland born Maite Hontele

She is the finest salsa dura trumpeter out there, in a recent post we showed her doing a jam with a DJ, and it sounded just like Saint Germain’s live stuff!!! Not with tiesto (although she has played w/him).
The funny thing is she’s from Holland,so was her father, not latino roots at all; he introduced her to world music and specially latin stuff when she was just a lil’ girl, and fast forwarding the story she ended up being one of the dopest salsa musicians nowadays!!!

and with her own salsa orchestra!

GB: In a recent post, we talked about the resurrection of salsa dura, lots of bands making original songs and also dj’s are doing salsa and afrobeats, how do you feel this movement, compared to the “romantic salsa” that normally dominates mainstream billboards?

MH: I’m so happy this is happening! I’ve never ‘digged’ the salsa romantica, nor Bachata or Reggaeton (except for Calle 13). And especially now, living in Medellin, Colombia, I see that people are very passionate about salsa dura. I have to admit I’m not listening a lot to comercial radio-stations, nor am I watching a lot of music on TV. But yes, I am aware of the recent succes of LA 33, and also Calle 13 is flirting with old-school sounds. I like their collaboration with Ruben Blades. Also in Holland, my motherland, I notice a revival of salsa-dura and afrobeats. Ten years ago no one knew about cumbia, but thanks to, amongst others, Bomba Estereo more people understand it.

But it would be paradise for me if folklore would hit the Billboards. Imagine a nice oldschool porro or merecumbé from Colombia in a video-clip on a commercial station!

GB: i personally know people who love romantic/pop salsa artists like Victor Manuelle, Tito Rojas, Eddie Santiago, Frankie Ruiz etc, AND HAVE NO IDEA THAT BANDS LIKE LA 33, MAYTE HONTELE, ORISHAS, SENOR COCONUT, DJ ULBI, etc..EXIST!!! why do you think we haven’t heard any of this artists on the regular/commercial radio; only on “specialized” or independent Radio shows?

MH: It’s a fact that ‘sabor’, or taste is something personal. I am afraid that a lot have people just love the sound of salsa-romantica. So this is just a fact. History has proven that this ‘commercial’ music sells. And unfortunally money makes the world turn around. I think the answer is that we have to start educating people. I personally would love to design a formula that makes it obliged for nursery school to play all kinds of music. During breakfast they might hear jazz, later they will dance to James Brown, and the day ends with Bach’s cello-concerts, to calm down. I think this really would make a difference.

GB: Now, the public, what’s the reason people love this new SALSA DURA, but at the same time they dig hundreds of not “pure” salsa artists, like sergent garcia, orishas, sidestepper etc?
MH: Sergent Garcia, Orishas and Sidestepper have a very nice and tasty way of mixing old sounds with modern influences. Salsa-dura lovers hear that these groups respect the origins of the music. I think this is the reason why they dig it.

GB: Why so many Salsa Musicians flirt with jazz, electronica, hip hop,funk and fusion; is it because they want to reach a wider public or more a personal choice based on their own influences?
MH: It’s a combination. I was part of the band Bongomatik They are searching for a way to combine all kinds of styles, to create a new sound, the Bongomatik sound. As a musician I love to play the pure salsa, but also love to search for new sounds. It’s just inspiring to do new things. I loved to play with Bongomatik, but because of my moving to Colombia it’s impossible to keep playing with them. Their first album is to be released in May 2010.
And off course another reason for the flirts with other styles can be a commercial one. Musicians and producers hope to reach a wider audience when combining styles. For example Sidestepper is great to listen to for latin-lovers, pop-aficionados and jazz-listeners.

GB:You are considered one of the most talented trumpeters out there for real!!!!you can go from jazz to folklore easily, and you have played with BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB n HAD THIS ELECTRONICA SIDE PROJECT!!! Why you chose “SALSA DURA” and folklore for your solo project?
MH: Thanks for the compliment! I grew up with salsa, have been listening to it all my life and feel that I can talk with my the trumpet in this style. I also like to to play other styles though, I have been working a lot with DJ’s, and funk, pop and- jazz formations. But my first love is latin. Son Cubano, salsa from the ’70’s, folklore-styles.
And aside from that I wanted to record an album for the Colombian market, to be able to perform in that country. I fell in love with Colombia during my tours. We visited various cities and I was amazed with their music, the audience, the great atmosphere, and the beautiful landscape. is a pleasure to have you here with us!!! and you are giving us a FREE SONG!!! from your new album!!!
son cepillao con minue, tell us a bit about the song and the album like who’s in there or where to find it!!
MH: The record I made was recorded in Holland, with topmusicians. The singer Alberto Caicedo is from Guapi, Colombia, and also the percussion is played by a Colombian musician, Jim Lopez. He used to play with Yuri Buenaventura. I wanted the cd to sound pretty Colombian, swing-wise. And I think we succeeded. The cd consists out of songs that are standards in Colombia, but we transformed them into salsa songs. Son Cepillao con Minué is a son montuno, originally from Orquesta Guayacan. I understand that my version is doing very well in salsa-venues in New York, I’m very pleased with that!

The record is called Llegó la Mona. It’s for sale on Itunes under ‘Maite’, Llego la Mona. People that don’t have access to Itunes can order the cd via [email protected]
or HERE you will find music, a video and more information.
or her own myspace

Son Cepillao con Minué !!!!!!!!!

GB:Thanks girl.. one more thing..any artist(s) you are digging too much these days and perhaps you’d like to share with GB people?
MH: I’m a great fan of Cuban bassplayer Alain Perez. He just released his new album, but I have to say I like his last album more, it’s called: ‘En el Aire’ and sounds incredible!
It’s a mix of salsa, jazz and Cuban rumba. Virtuosity combined with pure taste.
And off course old records of La Sonora Ponceña, with a hornsection of three or four trumpets!


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