Our good friend Andy Kissaragi correctly pointed out to me that we already posted something on this band way back in September last year, well I mean Vince….RIGHT HERE

So it’s not as new as “I” (Dj Umb) thought it was….NICE ONE VINNY!!!….Even we just can’t keep up with ourselves…lol…

Some interesting shit, DIE ANTERWOORD from South Afreaka!

Sounds good man but has a comedic element to it too which means I can’t really take it too seriously but it’s interesting nevertheless and makes for really compelling listening.

The beats are phat & dope man but the tracks also have a gimmicky element to them, which ain’t necessarily a bad thing as they’re all really catchy tunes that you wanna listen to again and again = genius & success!

That Yo-landi is realllly interesting & sexxy with a dope haircut and an attitude that would eat up any momma’s boy.  I really LOVE her voice and she kinda like portrays a Patty Smith attitude meets Barbie 🙂

I predict that Diplo will be working with Yolandi before you can say…..

” I’m a Rich Bitch..a MF Rich Bitch”….


You can stream the whole album HERE

GRAB  a free track here:

Die Antwoord – Fish Paste

Then watch these vids:


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