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Process Rebel is a DJ/producer working in a nextstep fusion of electronica, dub, rock, hip-hop and bass music.

His style traverses the electronic music diaspora with a lean towards dub, dubstep, post-dancehall and global ghetto tech. Genres collide and form tracks that collectively define his evolving and ambitious sound that has been described as “inspired ritualist… a journey through strange musical topographies, no map included” and “one of the deepest (as in depth charges) mixes around.”

Prior to the first proper Process Rebel release – ‘Call Me Blood Fire’ ep (Blipswitch Digital 2010) – he focused primarily on producing an album for his rock fusion project Other Weapons titled ‘Basis To Break This’ (Destroy All Concepts 2009).

Since 2004 he has collaborated, produced and remixed for a wide range of people including Michael Stipe, Yo Majesty, Cappadonna, Dr. Israel, MC Zulu, Juakali, Dub Gabriel, Profisee, Kush Arora, Goonda, Coppa, Bongo Chili, Sub Swara, Gaudi, Eric D Clark and Kid Beyond.

Process Rebel currently lives in Amsterdam and is working on his debut full length album titled ‘Angels & Speaker Cones’ and the 101VOiD project with MC Zulu.

Here’s a brilliant new free download track from his latest release, only for a limited amount of time and so grab it quick:
Other Weapons – Who You Be (Spark Remix) feat. Profisee !!FREE DOWNLOAD limited time only!! by processrebel

Here’s some others you can stream, everything from UK Funky throught to BreakBeat and Dark Electronica:

Other Weapons – So Decadent (Kush Arora Remix) feat. 101VOiD (aka MC Zulu) by processrebel

Other Weapons – We Will Rise (Man From Playground Remix) feat. Coppa by processrebel

Other Weapons – Backflow (Sub Swara Remix) feat. Dr. Israel, Juakali & Lady K by processrebel

Other Weapons – Badder Better (Mark Pistel Remix) feat. Juakali by processrebel

Other Weapons – Badder Better (Instrumental) by processrebel

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