We got this in from Rafa from the Frikstailers a few days back about something new coming out on their label and here’s what he says:

It´s an EP of a great band from our city called Zort. They are kind of our godfathers, they represent our main human and musical influence, in fact we live with the leader of the band and he´s the director of the club we run every saturday (Switch Club).

Grab a free track here and read the rest of the official stuff below:

Mambo Poa Martino (Ben Mono remix) by RevoltIntoStyle

We’re delighted to announce the release of Zort’s Mambo Poa Martino EP on Revolt Into Style Records.

Formed in Cordoba, Argentina in 1998, Zort have recorded and released a series of albums joining the dots between hip hop, jazz, broken beat, electronica and contemporary classical music.

Their first release for Revolt Into Style kicks off with the energetic electro stylings of rising Berlin star Ben Mono’s remix. A superb blend of vintage house and electro synths, his re-working builds to a stunning climax guaranteed to slay the dance floor.

Next up is Cordoba local Cristobal Paz, who shows a real lightness of touch with his remix. Snatches of vocals weave in and out of slowly shifting percussion on this minimal house treatment. On the flip side we have the original mix, a blend of hip hop beats, synths, live brass and acoustic bass.

The voices are provided by talented residents of the Nairobi Children’s Remand Home, recorded by a film-maker friend of Zort named Martin Granata. He spent time in Nairobi filming a documentary about street football called ‘The Street and the Ball’, and his field recordings at the orphanage were the inspiration for the track, and form the basis of Mambo poa Martino.

To finish we have the Frikstailers brilliant reconstruction, the vocals layered over simple synth lines and beats, with a crescendo of chopped snares, cymbals and FX before the track winds down into silence.

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