One of the Dubstep Dons delivers a smokin’ HOTTT & ANGRRY Mix!

Shitting Tits

I’m krazy, mad, mental, wacky and kooky.
Anyone who disagrees, i have this to say to you:

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

Here is mix of angry music which i chopped together badly whilst in a bit of a mood.

Its called Fury Rank. (See what i did there? No? Please see the above statement).

Blog it, tweet it, facialbook it, spread it around like to $10 rent boy i one day dream of becoming.

Stay frosty x

High Rankin presents Fury Rank (Feb-2010-mix) by High Rankin

1. Foreign Beggars – Get a bit more (Skizm remix)
2. Blazin, Lethal Junkie & Big Red Cap – Lock this down (Cliffhanga remix)
3. Ivory – Hand Grenade
4. Ivory – Hand Grenade (Excision and Datsik remix)
5. Pixel Fist – Yautja
6. Hulk – Hot Pepper
7. Temper D – Stress head
8. Cliffhanga – Cannibal girls
9. Skunk Anansie – Charity (High Rankin remix)
10. Dog Fashion Disco – The Hitchhiker (interlude)
11. King Cannibal – Aragami Style
12. Borgore – The bitter orchestra girl
13. J Majik and Wickaman – Persia
14. Noisia – Machine gun (Spor remix)
15. Audio – Pandorum
16. Donny – Symptomless coma (Current Value remix)
17. El Creepo – Lazy tiger



This guy was incredible at the Generation Bass Festival last year when he was accompanied by his brilliant Javaense MC who was just as equally as incredible.

He’s got a new EP of remixes from his Dirty Bomb album, aka Extra Dirty Bomb, now out as 12″ vinyl + digital download.

Remixes from the likes of Jahcoozi, Cardopusher, Maga Bo, Ill Gates, othes, and new guys on the scene, “Deep Throat X” who are a gritty booty bass trio from Tokyo!

You can grab it here:



He’s also made this 40min new dj mix for free download which features most of the tracks from the new EP and it’s KILLAAAA!!!!

We Are Experiencing Turbulence (Insurrectionary Bass Music Sin Fronteras mixed by Filastine) by Filastine


Infernal Noise Brigade- live in Mexico at street protest,

Jazzsteppa- AmeriCa B,

Filastine/Cardopusher – Discontinuities (Singularities remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb),

Fnaire- Lalla Mennana,

Filastine/Jahcoozi- Opium Den (Desordenador remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb),

Beats Antique- Oriental Uno (feat. Fanafara Kalashikov),

Oro 11- El Cangrejo,

Arena & Etian acapella- excerpted from Voces Rebeldes project,

Filastine/Ill Gates- Pharma Sutra (Fitnah remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb),

Filastine/Maga Bo- Batalha Cotidiana (B’talla remixed- from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb),

Chancha Via Circuito- Calzada,

Foxdye- Foxdyechek Collision,

Frikstailers- Sudaka Invasor,

Tego Calderon- Diento de Oro acapella cameo,

Sonik Omi- Ye Jawani Hai Mera Jaan,

Simbad- Airport Beat 1008,

Jahdan Blakkamoore- Dem A Idiot (instrumental – prod. by Matt Shadetek & Modeselektor),

Amir Sulaiman- Danger,

Sunship feat. Warrior Queen/ Sinden(remix)- Quits,

Filastine/Deep Throat X- Con Las Manos En La Masa (remix, from the EP Extra Dirty Bomb),

Madera Limpia- La Lenta (Schlachthofbronx remix),

Bassnectar- Cozza Frenzy,

Venetian Snares- Sabbath Dubs,

Kray Twinz feat. Twista- What We Do,

Suckafish P. Jones- Caribbean Nightmare Agent,

Dubchild- Can’t Keep Me Down,

Caving- Slimthug,

Dog Murras (feat. Propria Lixa)- Vai Levar Galheta,

Brasil 96- Batucada,

Lightning Bolt- On Fire,

Rhythm Collision featuring- Indian Street Music #3 / Sein Sah Thin / Tabuh Winangun Marga / Venetian Snares / Filastine / Drumcorps,

Filastine- Como Fugitivos (instrumental version),

with words lifted from:

UK newscasters, Carl Sagan dubbed into castilian spanish, ANC Radio Freedom Broadcast, South Africa, 1969, a US Military Commander, Waking Life, The Century of Self, Slavoj Zizek and more sources of lost origin!



Our good friend DJ O.LIVE.R from the Globalibre blog keeps on plugging away at his mixes.  He seems to have a different one every week!!!

We have not had him on for a while and so I thought it was about time to bring him back 🙂

He’s really feeling the UK Funky & Tropical vybz at the minute and so here’s another one of his Tropical House mixes containing the current batch of Tropical dancefloor bombs that many of you ought to be familiar with or check them out here & add to your DJ playlists.

G8 stuff killin’ it on the dancefloor!

DJ – La Jungla Mix by

1. Michel Cleis – La Mezcla (Paul Kalkbrenner RMX)
2. French Fries – Predador
3. Franco Maldini – Think Trumpet (Sunday Trumpet Mix)
4. DJ Gregory – Dana S Salon (MastikSoul Dub)
5. Monkey Safari – Fanfara (Chaos In The CBD RMX)
6. Mihalis Safras – Chicas Latinas
7. Lorcan Mak – Brass My Ass (Yankee Zulu RMX)
8. Simon Gain & Joey Seminara – Mulani
9. Filthy Rich – Arumba
10.Kaiserdisco – Que Ritmo
11.Marcin Czubala & Hugo – Zoo Comunale
12.Forro In The Dark – Perro Loco (Solo RMX)
13.Andrea Introvigne & Joe Montana – My Wife Is A Witch
14.Arara and Fog – Broken Trumpets
15.Simone Burrini – La Cantada

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