I have not posted an UMB mix in a while, almost 3 months, mainly because I can’t be arsed at the moment…lol….

So I thought I’d go backwards and post something I did about a year ago which has proved to be one of my most popular mixes on Fairtilizer according to their stats!

Plus, I’ve been digging up more downtempo tunes again to play out at my residency @ SUPPERCLUB LONDON since around December last year after a few years break from that kind of genre.

But I think I’ve always been able to do chill/atmospheric stuff really well 🙂

Most of this mix comprises of mash ups and so it’s not a conventional mix of the sort of stuff I’d played out in a chilled set as I usually opt for very few mash ups and  a lot more original chilled vybz from all over the globe.

Phil Retrospector’s mash up’s are always guaranteed quality and so I never have any hesitation in playing out his stuff but I’m very picky when it comes to playing out a mash up!

Anyway check it out for yourself but here’s a little info on what you can expect as it was written about a year ago:

So what can you expect…well a fair bit of Radiohead as they are by far my most favorite moody band……but also some other gorgeous and sublime tunes, often mashed up to great effect and sometimes maybe not so great but nevertheless listenable. Some are just covers and not mash ups but I’ve held back on some really sublime covers for other reasons ;-))

As the title suggests, it is quite a moody mix and thus may need to be listened to when you want to chill or just drift away and escape from the world and may also require some of your patience and repeated listening to get into it.

The last 20 minutes or so takes it a bit more upbeat and finishes with perhaps the best track that the Beatles never made, albeit one of the Beatles did make it but he was accused of ripping off a Shirelles (who I love) track :-))

Thanks again to all the Mash up Artists that put them together, making my task of finding them and mixing them fairly easy and immensely enjoyable.

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1. Nirvana vs Opium Jukebox
2. Talvin Singh vs Oasis vs Beatles vs Tears for Fears
3. Radiohead vs Easy Star All-Stars
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto vs Peter Bjorn & John
5. Phil Colllins vs Postal Service
6. Radiohead vs Korn
7. Ennio Moriccone vs Pharrell
8. Black Lips vs Diplo
9. Doors vs Snoop Dogg
10. Pink Floyd vs Radiohead
11. Ian Brown (Stone Roses) vs 50 Cent
12. Massive Attack vs Red Hot Chilli Peppers
13. Radiohead vs Del The Funky
14. Gorillaz vs White Stripes
15. Serge Gainsbourg vs. Roots Manuva
16. White Stripes vs Nostalgia 77 vs. Bob Marley vs. Lee Perry
17. Adamski vs. Killers vs Basement Jaxx
18. George Harrison vs 2Pac
19 Tom Waits vs The Optomist

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