Schlachthofbronx in da house!

Dance band of last year and this year….No-one else sounds like them.  They are totally unique & original.

Whenever I play out any of their stuff, it always goes down a treat and believe me, even the commercial dancefloors are catching on to this.

Just a matter of time before they’ll be on stuff like Pacha, Global Gathering  & Ministry of Sound compilations worldwide.  Not that being on any of these compilations is anything other than confirmation that you’ve just gone global, most of those kind of comps SUCKKKK!…Man I’m gonna be up for a major lynching!

Anyway, they had their Ayoba Remix contest recently and so here are the winners who you can stream..yeahhhh and BIG CONGRATS!


Here’s what Man Recordings blog had to say:

Ayobaaaa! We are proud to present the winners in the “Ayoba” remix contest today. After receiving more than 100 contributions from all over the globe, we spent hours and hours going through our Soundcloud dropbox. We received a lot of halftime pounding dubstep and wobbel remixes (in fact, a bit too many), there were seriously far-out remixes (the heavy metal remix of Chernobyl, the “Schnitzel” dub remix of Jah Power), a lot of Kuduro inspired remixes (One Man Ben, Barney Iller) and some very well produced remixes (PPP Refix, BamR, DJ Alarm, DJ Densen). In the end, we had to make some tough decisions, there were more than a dozen really good remixes, but we had to cut them down to three. So here´s our nominees:

Jakob / Schlachthofbronx:

Bros Before Hoes
Hood Regulators

Bene / Schlachthofbronx:

Bros Before Hoes
Hood Regulators
Africa Raver

Daniel / Man Rec:

Barney Iller
DJ Chernobyl
One Man Ben

After the jury´s selection was clear, we decided to announce two winners:

AYOBA (BROS BEFORE HOES Remix) by Bros Before Hoes

Ayoba! (Hood Regulators Remix) by hoodregulators

And many thanks to all who have participated! This was a truly amazing contest with a lot of new, and unknown talent contributing, which we hope to engage in future projects.


And “some” of my favourites of the Looooosers, who you can download…boohoooo

Starting with the JuKe BoYz..boohooohoohooo….

Ayoba [juke boyz psychotherapy rmx] – SCHLACHTHOFBRONX by djumb

Ayoba! (Shazalakazoo “AyoBalkan” Remix) – Schlachthofbronx ft. Spoek & Gnucci Banana by shazalakazoo

Schlachthofbronx-Ayoba (Sabbo remix) by Sabbo

Schlachthofbronx – AYOBA! (Hat&Hoodie Remix) by Hat+Hoodie

Ayoba! (Grodio Remix) by grodio



  1. @ MAN recordings they were probably out getting sandwiches when they playd the Shazalakazoo remix!

    Coming Saturday March 13th: mps Pilot invites Shazalakazoo (Serbia) @
balkanXprezz @ The Badcuyp, Amsterdam. Fresh nu made true Balkan Folkstep & Electronics.

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