Some really coool stuff now.

These VJ guys contacted me saying that they’d been following our blog and loved what we were doing.

They said that they’d just finished and played a new type of mix, an AV perf based on dubstep sounds and Zombies pics called “MIXED-UP ZOMBIES” and would I mind checking it out to see if I liked it.

So I did and I love it…

Here it is, check it out man and share it!!!

Les Parasites Artificiels-Mixed Up Zombies from Videomit on Vimeo.

Here’s some more info about these dudes:

Les Parasites artificiels is a Paris (france) based collective.  Formed by DJ Nervous Breaks ( ), VJ Videomit ( ) and Vj Mr Vince.

We work over AV sets that has sens AND parties possibility. We mix sound and pictures together since 2005 now, from the french free party movement to the clubs, or old school house parties.

Mostly, we like to build up stories with what life gives us: Super 8, flee market VHS and samples from many many many sources.

“Mixed-Up Zombies” is our first written piece. Written similar to a zombie flick, the rythm of sound and pictures are increasing till the end. All that with a dubstep flavor. We work with two screens separately, and sometimes, the vj’s control the sound and play with it.

It is a reflexion about how the zombies movies are sometime a mirror to look at the society.

But it is also nice to look at it while Zombiepocalypse is happening outside.
Enjoy !

Booking infos: [email protected]


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