Yo people! Sometimes we DO have to listen to the radio, so i was asking how close MegaHits are from our laserbass, dubstep, and all that stuff?
searched for tunes and i’ve got tons of them!! which made me soooo happy, cuz basically there’s a parallel “radio” world!!!
I can not put all of them..but just to show how pop is sooo close and so distant….. GRAB ALL THESE FREE TUNES by saism
here’s Nelly Furtado into a dubstep form
give it to me (saism laserdub) by saism
BASSNECTAR/La Roux and some more stuff
in for the kill / ready to rage (saism lasermashup) by saism

BJORK!!!!I’ve seen it all this glitch one is sooooo sick!
i’ve seen it all (saism laserdub) by saism

crazy in love (saism laserdub) by saism

Rahtid Sound vs Beyonce: Ring The Alarm (Zombie Krunk Remix) by Rahtid_Sound
Rahtid Sound vs Jay-Z: 99 Problems (Dubstep/Dancehall Remix) by Rahtid_Sound

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