DJ Pastek aka Kevin Weldon is an artist based in Montreal, Canada.  We’ve stuck some of his stuff up on the blog before.

He contacted me recently to let me know that he’d just finished an album of mash ups of Kuduro & Dubstep and I when I heard this I nearly dropped cause I love Kuduro and Dubstep.

So of course it was a pleasure for me to agree to post the album up here as an exclusive and a bloody good album it is too, I’ve had it on REPEAT play for the past week. There’s great tracks to play out but also some excellent stuff just to listen to.  It’s all unofficial of course but I think the idea is a great one and the execution respectful to both genres!

Here’s what he says:

I’m 24, been Djing for the last 3 years and I just moved to Montreal.

I did these Mashups so I could have a couple of Kuduro tracks I could play in a Dubstep set!

I also want to say thanks to Dj Umb and GB for their support.

Artwork was made by my friend Francesco de Gallo the guy behind Hobocult Records.

A man of very few words but heaps load of talent and I think a very bright future as a music producer on the strength of this album.


Kuduro vs Dubstep by Dj Pastek



1. Corlando vs Martyn ft SPACEAPE

Passa Passa vs Insanity

2. BATIDA vs Suspicious Stench

Bazuka vs Mega

3. Vazilo vs Pinch

Zoca vs 136 Trek

4. Helder Rei Kuduro vs Darkstar

Frique Frique vs Need You

5. Joker and Ginz ( KUDURO Refix ft Puto Portuges Sample)

Stash vs Selle (Kwistax Remix)

6. Dj Ivm vs Benga

Kuduro de Boca vs World War 7

7. Magnesio vs 2562

Tchiriri (Original) vs Movern

8. Tripilades vs Sukh Night

Kialumingo vs Up in Smoke

9. Benga vs Os Lambas

Benga-Go Tell Them (From The Diary of a Afro Warrior) vs Os Lambas-Comba io Instrumental (from Kuduro de Angola Compilation)

10. Kromestar vs Killamu (Kudustep Mashup)

Kromestar- Aston Martin (from the My Sound Lp) VS Killamu- 7 Pecados (from the Minha Face Lp) Kudustep?


Finally, check out this video too.  It’s the new DJ Gregory track with DJ Gregor Salto on the DEFECTED label and guess what it’s a mix of Kuduro & Dubstep and man it’s LETHAL!

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