Douster just dropped us this mail:

On the releases tip, expect in the few weeks to come a lot of large remixes for Crookers and Yelle , Kid Sister, Bobmo, French band The Cheerz or Ghanaian rapper X-Pensive Nframa, a lot of different styles actually, killing dancefloors in different ways.

Be prepared for my crazy ass collaboration with swedish gaylords savageskulls, two really nice tracks with even nicer remix… i can’t really talk about it actually but it’s BIG !

There’s a lot of way better things to come but well, i’ll have plenty of time to tell you about it later. no worry !

Soooo for giveaway, 3 little tracks/edits/wathever… no big deal !!

First of all, I know some of ya must be allready tired of the original one, so here’s my VIP version of King Of Africa, fuck that shit, everybody’s a vip nowadays  no ?

Douster – King Of Africa VIP mix

2d, a lil take on Untold’s Ananconda… shit makes you dagger like a robot !

Untold – Anaconda ( Douster Dagga robot edit )

And finaly some for my stooooooopid heads !

My new windows movie maker + youtube audio rip combo wid pritty yolandi’s band die andwoord, crazy bubblin style, butterfly glitters…watch out for the avatared bono !!!!

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (Douster Butterfly Remix) mp3


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