It’s times like these when we personally feel inspired just to continue doing all this free work that we do for you people to spread great new music to the world and this is also part of its rewards.

This guy, Irfan Davazli hails from Turkey.  Got introduced to our blog and now here he is with BAREFOOT as BukBuka!

Not only that, but he also got the official nod for these tracks from the creator of Barefoot, Stereotyp!

Wow, that is what we do all of this for.

Check out the free downloads and also check out the hott vid!

BukBuka – Capoeiristas (Best Capoeira Brazil Clip Vers.) by BukBuka

Bukbuka – Buk Buk Song by BukBuka

BukBuka – Capoeiristas from BukBuka on Vimeo.


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