ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, DEAD KENNEDYS, NAPALM DEATH, SEPULTURA, STING, MOTHAFU KINGS (lol) among many -millions perhaps- others have something in common THEY SUPPORT THE INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE or REBELLION, there are hundreds of reasons to do it..
Our good friend Deeder is very passionate about this subject and he has requested us to post this feature for him to help bring some awareness to an issue he is very passionate and vocal about and whilst Gen Bass is not a political mouthpiece for anybody, we do not mind helping out where the cause is just and worthy.

SO my dear people!!!!!!!

I.R will be releasing “Galdino 2010″ on the 25th of March 2010.It will feature Adrian Sherwood, Deeder Zaman, the Ghost, Paxato Singers, Zumbi, Skip McDonald, Dr Das, Brendon Harding,Manolin,Arka Medin and D.Wattsriot.
Tracks will include “Galdino 2010 Deeder Zaman vocal mix “,”Galdino Jesus Dos Santos 2010 D.WattsRiot mix ” & “Galdino 2010 Adrian Sherwood karaoke mix”Recorded in Brazil ,Canary Islands and the U.K ,this project could never have happened without the great generosity and commitment of the folks involved.For this they give thanxs.The recording will be available on Itunes,Emusic,Amazon and other digital platforms through the french distributor Believe Digital.Journalists & djs can contact us through I.R website and tapedave to receive special press kit and tracks from” IR24 Galdino 2010″ .In the meantime with the help of many they continue the efforts to honor Galdino and foil the system’s attempts to try and sweep what happened to him and what is currently happening to indigenous people in Brazil under the rug.

HERE’S A FREE WICKED…MASSIVE..EPIC TUNE called dub and revolution
That’s exactly what Asian dub foundation’s original bassist Dr Das and Ricanstrucion’s DJ Not4Prophet are trying to do with this project for helping the indigenous revolution in Brazil!!!!.

PS:This is part of the info just added in any chance u guys want to support or know MORE ABOUT THIS CASE
Galdino De Jesus Santos was an indigenous Patoxo activist who was tragically murdered in Brazil’s capital Brasilia in 1997. Attending an indigenous rights meeting, Galadino missed the last bus to his lodging and as is the custom of many in brasil ; Galdino went to sleep on a sidewalk to wait for the first bus in the morning.The sons of the capital’s elite judges and lawyers poured gasoline on the sleeping Galdino & as a joke, lit him on fire.He died from burns to 90% of his body.The actions of the murderers being indicative of how those with economic power in Brazil treat those they percieve as powerless.Indigenous Resistence attended the trial of Galdino’s murderers where they met his family who showed us the coroners photos of Galdino’s charred corpse.I.R was also witness to the special treatment and light punishment meted out to Galdino’s murderers. In the years since his death we have witnessed how in Brazil the media has given a definately muted coverage when it comes to remembering Galdino’s murder.This has been in contrast to the high visibility given each year to the death of the journalist Tim Lopes. As some have pointed out ,really dealing with Galdino’s case means touching on many pertinent issues like the current abymsal state of indigenous rights in brazil with issues such as land demarcation and the exploitation of resources on indigenous ancestral lands.Hence the silience. Over the years I.R has done various projects touching on the case of galdino for example IR1 the blue vinyl lp feat dr das& UR among others, IR11 the seven ich single feat dubdem ,zumbi, dr das, steven stanley and the information poster Instinto Revolucionario. Now as more than 11 years since his murder has passed, IR is determined not to let this be one more incident of injustice swept under the rug.Currently IR are working with deeder zaman ( adrian sherwood ,on u sound crew ,d.watts riots,patoxo singers and zumbi for new tracks entitled “Galdino 2010″ and while that is being completed we have embarked on a poster campain.Posters about Galdino, Atenco, anti -sexism posters, indigenous resistance in the Amazonias created by tapedave ,dubdem and anarchists from uruguay have been put up around various places in Brasil. With artwork from dubdem IR created a huge banner of Galdino and with the help of our co conspirators labomb ..a bold daylight action was carried out where literally walls were scaled in order to put up a big banner of Galdino on top of a big building in the center of one of Brazil’s largest cities. Five minutes after the banner was illegally ( according to babylon’s laws ) erected , police appeared on patrol on the very spot the banner had just been erected.However by that time the deed has safely carried accomplished and we had disappeared . Special thanks to our comrades labomb!!!Long live the memory of Galdino!!!!


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