DA POZ aka PETER POZOREK has surprised even me with this mix!

When I saw the artwork for the mixtape, I thought man it looks like something from the Yorkie Ad….lol….Then I listened to it.

The mixing is SUBLIMMME and the track choices are UNCONVENTIONAL!

Yeah it’s kinda DEEEEP House, disco with shades of Tech and Tropical but it’s daaark, spooky, sexxy and one cool-ass sassy MF!

And sometimes, something completely different to what we listen to day in day out, does make all the DIFFERENCE!  He caught my mood with this just at the right time….but that’s why he’s a JuKe BoY and you’re not…lol..

This will be on repeated listening for me for quite a while in years to come, I just love it and it’s my (DJ umb) contender for one of the mixes of the year!

Truck Drivers Deluxe by PeterPozorek

Bruce Springsten State Trooper (Trentmollerremix)+ Peter Pozorek edit
Brian Ferry – DJ Hell remix
Justus Knockean
Jan Jelinek
The Per Eckbo Orchestra-Kodo Verano
Brigitte Fontaine and Khan-Fine Mouche-(dOP Vocal Mix)
Riva Starr Once Upon A Time In Naples-(Extended Version)
Equinox Henrik Schwarz Remix
The Machine Fuse


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